Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hospital Sketches update

I have been faithfully stitching along each month with Barbara Brackman’s Hospital Sketches (Civil WarBlog). However, I have not been keeping up with my postings. I must admit it is easier to simply post a photo and quick blurb on the Facebook group (here), but when it comes to posting on my Blog I like to be more descriptive and that takes time I just don’t seem to have this summer. 

I know I am preaching to the choir. Many of us are in the same boat this year and I for one am happy that we are all still afloat!

My last Hospital Sketches post was the Coxcomb and Current block in May (here). I think that one was my favorite, but I’ve made 3 more since then. They have all be a joy to make. I adore my fabric choices – right up my color alley!

The Pineapple was block #5. I added the leaf shapes in the center as I needed to add some purple somehow for balance. 

I was happy to see that the Laurel Leaf was the next block since it is so simple and July is so hectic. 

The Tennessee Rose was my latest finish. I do love how bright and perky this one is. 

Only two more to go. Still trying to decide if I will finish this in my ever popular “potholder” method. What do you think?

Do visit the Facebook group for some wonderful renditions of these blocks. There is so much variety. It makes me want to make another one – maybe half size??

Friday, August 2, 2019

Pam Buda's Vintage Patchwork August project

Vintage Patchwork (by PamBuda) project #8 – “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”. My sister liked Thomas Hardy and read many of his books back in high school while I was still reading Roy Rogers comic books!

This one was a cinch. I had so much fun piecing all those little half squares. Trimming is not my favorite part of quilting, but when doing a little one like this it is essential. This is the pile that was left after trimming! 

 I actually finished this one early as I wanted it to go to our silent auction (with “designer permission” from Pam) last week along with these past monthly minis. 
Our state show (Maine Quilts 2019) hosts a silent auction for different causes each year. This year’s proceeds went to the “Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence”.  Not sure of exact totals but, I think they all did fairly well. Thanks to all who donated and purchased!

 You can get your copy from Pam (here)

I have been working diligently (but not speedily!) on my c1880 blocks as well.
I joined through Cyndi's, Busy Thimble shop, but you can visit Pam's Blog (here) to see how you can join the fun!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July monthly mini

Well, I warned you that you would laugh when you saw how simple my July monthly mini was. Here is it! 

 And, it was even simpler because I had a stack of 4 patches already done. Cyndi (Busy Thimble) gave me 750 inch and a half squares and I use them as “feeder” pieces beside my sewing machine while I am working on other projects.

As you will see, my cohorts in the monthly mini project have been much more creative! Please visit and see their wonderful minis. Let me know if I have missed anyone. Happy quilting!

Karen (Log Cabin Quilter)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I’m back – did you miss me? I am really looking forward to catching up with my Blog reading!

I’ve decided that next year I am going to skip July. Oh wait, that is what I did this year! Yes, it has been a trying and fitful month. I just couldn’t stay focused. I would walk into my sewing room and fondle each of the 15 ongoing projects, and walk out as my eyes glazed over. Part of my problem is that I am in between major applique projects.
I always have “busy” hand work at the ready (EPP, mini bindings, etc.) but, I feel lost without a serious applique mission. I have a few on the horizon that should bring me out of this fog by Fall so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have managed to get “clue #1” of Kevin’s (Kevin the Quilter) summer mystery sew-a-long done.
aerial view
You can see that my “summer fog” crept into my sewing machine and caused a few minor mishaps.
I can’t wait for the next clue!

And, my monthly mini is almost complete. It’s o.k. to give a little chuckle when you see how simple and small it is!

I had a fabulous time at the Vermont show in June and was able to meet up with lots of friends. My friend Randy (Barrister's Block) came to visit me with her friend, Claire (Cspoonquilt). We had a great time at my husband's family summer home before we all went to the show.
Randy and Claire brought me all sorts of goodies, but I just had to share this little pin cushion that Randy made for me.
The elephant is a vintage planter (my favorite kind!) and she made a felted wool ball in colors to match the elephant. Too cute! 

I entered my Noah and Matilda potholder quilt in the Vermont show. 
We (the Seven Sewing Sisters) arrived too late for the award ceremony so we just went straight to the quilts. It took me a while to find my quilt because Sharon Waddell's fabulous antique exhibit captured me and would not let go! There were many people all standing around my quilt and I heard "Gee, I wonder why this quilt didn't get a ribbon?". I stood there a while listening to the comments and then a few friends came over and said, "wow, you were robbed!". Now, I am the first person to say that I don't enter shows for ribbons (and I truly do just like to share my work), but I have to admit I was disappointed. So, back we went to our hotel. Came in the next morning to get my badge (no ribbon, but at least I get in free!) and the lady at the desk couldn't find one for me. Hmmm, this is getting interesting! But, finally a sweet young woman came over and said, "Oh I am soooo sorry, I was the one in charge of ribbons last night and I somehow missed yours. Long story short (I know, too late) I had won a blue ribbon. There is no moral to the story, just a good laugh! Please visit Barb's (Fun with Barb), Randy's (Barrister's Block) and Gladi's (Gladiquilts) to see excellent shots of the show. I really stink at photography! 

I have been plugging along on my c1880 blocks with Pam Buda at Marcus Fabrics.
It has been so much fun making these little guys.  I joined through Cyndi's Busy Thimble quilt shop. Visit Pam's website (here) to find out how to join the club. And visit Janet (Rogue Quilter) to see her glorious version in the making! 

Last, but not least, if you are looking for a great (and I mean super!!) book to buy this summer, I highly recommend this one.
Lori Lee and Kay Triplett have done a fabulous job with this book. I have many of their books, but this is my new favorite. I will tempt you with just one photograph.
You can get your copy (here). You won't be disappointed! 

If all goes well, I'll be posting the monthly mini's next week. Wishing you all cooler temps and lots of quilting time! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vintage Patchwork - July project

Vintage Patchwork (by PamBuda) project #7, “Scarlet”. 

When I started this monthly project back in January, I cut out each month’s project (as Pam suggests in the book) and placed them in labeled bags. I did not try to match Pam’s fabrics, I just chose 40 ten inch squares of my favorite fabrics. I found it interesting that the colors for this little project were so close to Pam’s.

This is the first one that I had trouble with. I am not the best at following directions. I suggest that you pay close attention to Pam’s tips
if you want yours to come out correctly! Her message and helpful hints were spot on - if only I had read them first!! I had to “improvise” after I realized that I did not adhere to the written instructions. I was able to fix the problem, but I admit I took the photo from as far back as I could!!

It is still sweet and will become part of someone’s Christmas package this year. Thanks Pam for another great project and I will pay closer attention to the next one!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Dark Solstice - June Mini

I thought it would be nice to make something with flowers for my June mini. I have boxes full of little hexie flowers that were already stitched, so this would be easy peasy. 
I found myself pulling out these dark fabrics and realized it was reflective of our dark and dreary Spring! I just stitched them together, popped out the oaktag papers and appliqued it onto this gray fabric. I punch a hole in the center of my templates for easy removal with tweezers and they are reusable.
I searched for the darkest fabric in my stash for the border and voila! 

I felt if I used a bright yellow floral for the back, the sun might finally come out.
Let me tell you, it worked! Just as I finished the binding, the sun came out and we had two lovely days of sunshine in a row! The mold is beginning to recede!

Click on the links to my fellow mini makers to see their delightful creations.

Quilting Babcia - (Amity Quilter) 
I just returned from the Vermont Quilt Festival where I met up with Randy (Barrister's Block) and Barb (Fun with Barb). What a ball! I will post more later, but you will want to check out Barb and Randy's blogs as they are much better photographers! I've been pretty bad about reading and commenting in Blogland this week. I do hope to catch up next week! 

Happy Summer to all!

Monday, June 24, 2019

C1880 9-patch blocks

It has been the worst Spring ever for me! Dark, dreary weather and a few other not so nice surprises. So… it was very nice to find these wonderful little blocks (and label for the back of my quilt) from Pam Buda in my mailbox.

I am so thankful that Pam asked me to participate in the swap of these little gems.
I have had so much fun making these, but I am not very good about posting! Now on to piecing the rows.

Do check out Pam’s Blog (here) and Facebook page (here) join in the fun!

I am off to the Vermont QuiltFestival for a few days of Q & R (quilts and relaxation). Hope to see you there! And, I hope when things settle down, I will be a better Blogger!