Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Noah and Matilda sew-a-long

So.. I have finally begun my Noah & Matilda journey. Read all about it on Collector with a Needle’s Blog (here). Dawn and her daughter have created some wonderful patterns for a number of antique treasures and this is one I have been wanting to start for a long time. 

Here is my first block, quilted and bound. I have chosen to make it in the potholder method (big surprise!). 

My color palette will be 1890 antique and reproduction neon fabrics. 
I am calling it "Noah and Matilda's Ruby Anniversary Cake". These fabrics would have been a popular choice at the time of their 40th wedding anniversary. Since my 40th anniversary will be in 2018, I thought it would be appropriate. I also like to give all my potholder quilts a title with some sort of cooking reference thus the word "cake". I modified the first block a bit by adding the circle in the center. Mainly because I made a bit of an error in the quilting which I wanted to cover up! 

This is going to be fun! Want to take the plunge? 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kevin the Quilter's Sapphire Stars

August is my busiest month, but I was able to finish “clue #2” of Kevin’s Sapphire Stars mystery sew-a-long. This is my first mystery quilt ever. I just knew Kevin would make it fun and that it would be likely that it will make a super veteran’s quilt when finished.

Do you talk to yourself while sewing? I use little rhymes to help me place the pieces together correctly. For instance, when I was piecing these units together I was reciting “Blue on the red is what he said.” And then, “Red to the yellow said the smart fellow” (that’s you Kevin!). It helps to keep me in check. 

So… I don’t know what I was saying here – but it turns out that “red on the blue was a silly thing to do”!

When Randy (Barrister’sBlock) was visiting last week, she was surprised to find that I did not have a seam ripper (I actually have one, I just couldn’t find it). Unless I am working with precious antique fabrics or that last piece of an out of print fabric, I find it much faster and easier to simply toss it into the “orphan block box” and cut out a new one. They will have fun in there with all the other orphans and someday become another “Pot Luck” quilt.

 Take your time with clue #3 Kevin. Wink!

And, P.S., did you notice my new cutting mat? While at the show, Randy encouraged me to try this Martelli cutting mat and boy was she right! I love it! What a difference it makes. Thanks Randy for the nudge!