Monday, July 17, 2017

Maine Quilts 2017

Our annual Maine Quilt show is coming up – July 26 – 29 at the Augusta Civic Center. Click (here) for more details.

I’ll have a few quilts there, but can’t reveal the challenge ones until after the show. I can show you a few little quilts I made for our auction. This year’s recipient will be the Maine Cancer Fund. 

This year’s show will be extra special for me as Randy from Barrister’s Block will be visiting. It is always nice to see “our show” through someone else’s eyes. I don’t think she will be disappointed!   

Hope to catch up with a few of you there!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt finale

I feel it is very fitting for the final block in this fun sew-a-long is the Rainbow block. The rainbow has become a symbol for embracing diversity. People have really shown their individuality in this SAL. There has been a tremendous amount of creativity in the various blocks each month.

I had a bit of trouble visualizing an upside down rainbow, so I made a double right side up rainbow instead (showing my individuality). Since I have changed the orientation of some of the blocks anyway, I thought Esther wouldn’t mind.

The fabric choices people have made have been so much fun to watch. There are 1930’s fabrics, wools, batiks, and fussy cut florals. The techniques have been varied as well; machine applique, buttonhole stitched (hand and machine), needle turned, and more. There are quite a few utilizing the quilt as you go method and a few (like me) are using the potholder method. 

I am so excited that they are planning an exhibition beginning in May, 2018. If you have been sewing along, I hope you are considering submitting your finished quilt for this wonderful exhibition. More details to follow on the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album blog (here).

I have enjoyed this project immensely and I would like to thank Dawn (Collector with a Needle) and Doreen (Aunt Reen’s Place) for hosting this 25 block sew-a-long and for keeping us all motivated. A big thank you to the Virginia Quilt Museum for publishing this pattern and allowing us to share our progress with others. And lastly, I would like to thank Esther Blair Matthews for her artistic vision and impeccable skill in the making of this quilt in 1858.

Please check in with the link (here) and enjoy all the unique quilts. 

Now what? I have already started another long term applique sew-a-long. With the wonderful patterns from “Collector with a Needle" (here) I am venturing down the Noah and Matilda road. Nothing to report yet, I’ll keep you posted. Wink!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blockhead Catch Up

It seems I am always a week behind, but row 3 of my Blockhead quilt is now complete. I’m glad I decided to do this in the potholder method, as I think it is keeping me motivated to finish each block each week. And, with this method, the back is often as fun as the front!


 I’m also happy that I decided to set them in order of publication. I like the fact that since there are 6 designers, each one is represented in vertical rows. But, more importantly, it keeps me from having to think about how to set them together – no math and no creative angst!

I have used mostly BetsyChutchian and Jo Morton fabrics with a few others thrown in. I want to keep the scrappy feel so I am pulling from my scrap baskets too!

Check out all the progress (here) or on their Blockhead Facebook page. They have a gazillion (yes, I counted) followers!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sapphire Stars

I’m not sure how it happened, but I took on yet another sew-a-long project for the summer. I joined in on my very first mystery quilt adventure. For years I have watched my friends participating in these mystery quilt projects. I just didn’t see the allure until Kevin of Kevin The Quilter in his whimsical way, just made it sounds so enticing.

So, here is my first part. Forty eight units done and waiting for the next clue. Woohoo! 

Kevin’s instructions said to draw a line down the center and stitch on the line. But, being the lazy time efficient person that I am, I just used my little vintage ruler as a guide as I stitched along. The metal ruler has a little camber in it so it makes it easy to keep in place. 

Do check out Kevin’s blog (here) to see all the progress. Fun, fun, fun!