Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I just might make it

When I started the absurd challenge to make a "Dear Jane" quilt in the pot holder method, I really didn't want it to take over my life. I started on August 1st and vowed I would finish all the 5" blocks by the end of the year. That way I could have the center done and take my time over the winter working on the triangle border blocks in between other projects. The beauty of a pot holder quilt is you can have a finished looking quilt and still add to it over the year! Anyway, it looks like I might meet my goal as I am on the next to the last row. I may not get all of them quilted and bound before the end of the year, after all we do have Christmas and working full time to contend with, but I should have all the blocks pieced. Here are the two I am working on today.

I am backing each block with the same fabric as the front and as you can see I have basted each 5" block to muslin to save fabric. I baste two together and then add the muslin which I use over and over again. I quilt all my quilts (even king sized) on my 1988 14" hoop.

I know I should be cleaning and decorating for Christmas, but we will have another Christmas next year and I only plan to make this quilt once. And... I have to keep it up because I am itching to start on the next three pot holder quilts whirling around in my head. Enjoy the day.


  1. I am trying to understand your method. I know about the pot holder method but you mention basting the blocks to muslin for quilting. Would they not have muslin for a backing then?

    1. Karen, check out my post today and see if that helps. Thanks for asking!

  2. Oh so the muslin is just an extender so you can use the hoop! I was a bit confused as Karen was but I went back and reread. They look wonderful. I have never heard of this method. You must really get good at binding.

  3. I love this: we will have another Christmas next year and I only plan to make this quilt once. How true! I'm sure you'll make your self-imposed deadline.