Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No resolutions – no word for the year – just life

(warning – long, personal journey post)

Last year I jumped on the band wagon and chose a “word” for 2015. My word was “acceptance”. The 3 major reasons for choosing this word were

1) I was feeling sorry for myself for not having enough quilting time because I was still working full time away from home (even though I truly do love where I work)

2) I was feeling frightened at the fact that my mother was getting older and her Parkinson’s was wearing her down and

3) I was angry that our only grandchild was diagnosed with moderate to significant autism.

So, how did I do with my 2015 “word”?

1) I found out early last summer that the company I had worked for for nearly 30 years was being sold. Somehow this news caused me to not only accept the fact that I liked my job, but it changed me into the thinking that I was truly thankful to be able to work in order to support my quilting habit. Hence, I was able to focus on my problem and chisel out a few more hours each week just for quilting. 

2) My fantastic sister and her “saint” of a husband built a new garage over the course of the summer with a delightful “mother-in-law” apartment for my Mom. Her new attitude is working miracles on her mental and physical state. I am so very thankful!

3) Our grandson just turned 5. My son and his wife are fantastic parents.  He is enrolled in a special school which he loves. We are blessed to be able to have him visit overnight one night every week. He has made fantastic strides to fit his square little pegs into our perfectly round world. It still pains me to see how hard he works sometimes just to make his point known. However, I have not only accepted his diagnosis, but I have embraced who he is and I am thankful every single day for this little man!

So, I did alright by my 2015 word and by all rights should in fact choose “thankful” as my word for 2016. But, I feel that life is too complex for me to choose just one word. There are so many words that describe me and who I am and describe the goals I have set forth for myself.

So this year I am going to write a personal “mission statement”. I won’t bore you with the details (too late for that one, I’m sure). But I will tell you that “creating” will be at the top of my list. I quilt every day, but this year I want to focus a bit more on new ideas. I hope to share some of my fantastic progress in the coming year. Woohoo!

I hope your new year is full of adventure – quilting and otherwise!


  1. Best wishes for a truly special year! Hope it includes just the right amount of creative time.

  2. Wonderful post.:) May you get all the adventure you want, creative and otherwise!

  3. Sometimes it's a good thing writing a long personal post ! You did right !
    Life is not so easy but I can tell you that : We love your quilts, your thoughts, your blog and your creative inspiration !

  4. Beautifully said! May we all have an adventure filled and creative year ahead.

  5. I feel like I can relate to so much of what you have experienced. My first grandchild was diagnosed with mild autism at age two. My fourth grandchild was diagnosed with a severe seizure disorder with mental and physical disabilities at age two.
    And my father's health has declined dramatically these past two years. There is some peace to be found in acceptance and gratitude for the good in every situation--even the hard ones. Quilting always has to take a back seat to the needs of family. I admit, there are times I wish I could do more quilting to keep myself mentally centered.
    Wishing you much happiness (and quilting time) in the new year! : )

  6. What a GREAT post you wrote today! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the year ahead! Good Luck!!

  7. It sounds like it has been an interesting year- it is good to reflect.

  8. A great post Wendy - my sympathy for your worries and admiration for your acceptance! 'Creating' would be high on my mission statement too - a little bit every day is just what the doctor ordered! All the best for this year and looking forward to sharing your progress :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. 2015 seems to have ended with many of your concerns and worries finding positive solutions. What a blessing. Hopefully, 2016 will continue on a positive path with some creative time for you.

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  11. enjoyed your post, difficult to find one word myself so i can appreciate your feelings. no matter what goes on in our lives, we can gather round the frame and share our creativity, which serves as an oasis from life's challenges...i feel honored to be counted in this world-wide community...

  12. So glad that your upbeat re-evaluation had so many happy endings. Stay calm and quilt on!

  13. We have to stop meeting like this - I am DOING THE SAME THING THIS YEAR! I already wrote my mission (intention) statement. No resolutions, no word, not guilt.
    Thanks for sharing your personal journey. Sounds like you have peace with things as they are and it is wonderful.
    BTW when is your Birthday - I'm June

  14. Well done you!! I'm so glad your worries are being sorted and that you're feeling more at peace. Yes, let's concentrate on creating and lots more stitching.