Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stars in a Time Warp Finale!

“Clarified Stars” aka “Ghee Whiz!”

I should be posting photos of our wonderful “Small Quilts from Antique Inspiration” exhibition this past weekend, but I am shipping this one off this week so I wanted to post it. 

As some of you may remember, these are the “Time Warp Stars” that many of us did as a sew (and learn) a-long through Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Quilts last year. You can read about the project on my “dedication” label on the back (click photo to enlarge):

This will be going to the American Quilt Study Group for the auction at the annual seminar in Tempe, AZ.

These were done in the potholder style which lent itself very well to the project. Since each week we were to learn about a specific fabric, I was able to use it for the stars on the front and represent it on the back of each one as well. Two chances to get it right!

I had so much fun with Barbara and others who joined in. I think we all learned a lot about our magnificent 19th century fabrics. I know that part of the lesson was to go out into the quilt shops of today and search for the correct fabrics. Because of my wonderful relationship with Cyndi at the Busy Thimble, I will admit, I did NOT have to go shopping. However, I might have had trouble with the quercitron arborescent chintz, had I not actually been at Cyndi’s the day Barbara announced it. I was convinced she made it up, but the yellow bolt arrived the very day I was there!


  1. Wendy, this is fabulous and I hope it fetches a pretty penny at the auction! I loved catching a glimpse of you working on it at the Maine Quilts show. You are a great ambassador for pot holder quilts. I echo your gratitude to Barbara Brackman for all she taught us in that series!

  2. What a great way to do the Time Warp Stars sew a long! I hope it does well at the auction.

  3. I can say that i'm in love your potholders quilts !
    We learn a lot with Barbara last year and it was a great experience !
    I have to quilt my quilt and i think I will do it this winter !

  4. Beautiful finish! AQSG is so lucky to have your quilt for their auction. I bet there will be lots of bidders! Love your label with its wonderful description and fabric legend. Perfect!

  5. It is lovely! The back is perfect!!

  6. What a beautiful finish!
    The back is wonderful too!
    I agree, what a generous gift to donate for auction.

  7. Hi Wendy,

    What a beautiful donation to AQSG. They will love your beautiful work. Barbara Brackman is an excellent teacher with a fascinating knowledge of quilt history. Thank you for these lovely photos !
    Best regards, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  8. It's a beautiful quilt and will be eagerly bought by some avid quilt collector. It's a very generous gift and so well documented. Do you get to go to the meeting?

  9. Beautiful finish! What a great idea to repeat the study fabric on the block backing - it will be a great reference! I'm sure it will be a popular item at the AQSG seminar.

  10. gorgeous blocks and finish...yep cyndi helped me out with that quercitron too...

  11. You are the pot holder style quilt queen!

  12. Such a beautiful quilt. I love how you used the weekly fabric on the back of each blocks. Your pot holder style has lots of advantages!!

  13. congratulations it finished beautifully Wendy!
    What a generous donation for the auction. Are you going?

  14. What a wonderful finish and reversible, too! Kudos to you!

  15. Love your potholder approach to quilts.

  16. I've seen this type before - makes a great swap quilt. Love yours.

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  18. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt! It was the grand finale of the AQSG auction last night here in Tempe, AZ. It will be coming home to New England! Pam Weeks bought it.

  19. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt! It was the grand finale of the AQSG auction last night here in Tempe, AZ. It will be coming home to New England! Pam Weeks bought it.

  20. Wonderful way to use your Stars in a Time Wrap quilt!

  21. Aw gee. I'm flattered. Hope it brought lots of bids.

  22. Aw gee. I'm flattered. Hope it brought lots of bids.