Monday, October 24, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun!

What a spectacular weekend! Not only did I get the chance to meet our Blogging friend Randy (Barrister’sBlock) and her DH, but she also accompanied Cyndi and I to the AQSG regional study group meeting in Shelburne, VT.

I have mentioned many times how fortunate I am to have a good friend (Cyndi at Busy Thimble) who owns the best quilt shop in the universe. As much as I love visiting Cyndi whenever I can, I love it even more when I can share it with someone new. Our plan was to visit the shop first thing Friday morning and then head out to the meeting in Shelburne after an hour of shopping. After a little over 2½ hours of drooling and shopping, we finally made it out the door!

Here are a few of the treasures we saw at the Shelburne Museum. The staff was warm and welcoming and shared some fabulous quilts. We also made out way down to the Hat and Fragrance Hall for a showing of more spectacular quilts. I had not been to the museum since 1994. I surely won’t wait that long for my next visit.

this was a "potholder quilt" (right up my alley!) done in circles! Yes, all those circles are completely bound and then whipped together with the setting blocks. I've done hexagons and diamonds, now I'm going to try it in circles! 

this was a delightful quilt with stuff work and the words to the Star Spangled Banner quilted into it. 

I have loved this "stonewall" quilt forever and finally got to see it close up.

And this quilt from North Adams, MA has always been one of my favorites. What a treat to see it in person!
Incredible detail

And the show and tell was amazing too. Here's Randy drooling over a fabulous spread belonging to Sharon Waddell. Absolutely breathtaking fabrics in this one! Thanks Sharon for bringing this to light!

I have been a member of AQSG (American Quilt Study Group) since 1986. I served on the board from 1989 to 1993. I love being part of this group of diverse, yet like-minded people who have helped to put quilt scholarship on the map. Thanks go out to Marge Farquharson and Anita Loscalzo for organizing such a wonderful event. 

My one regret of the weekend is that we got so wrapped up (pardon the pun) in the quilts that we forgot to take a photo of the 3 of us together! Come back soon Randy! 


  1. What a wonderful post of your adventure at the Shelburne Museum! I MUST make it there now! I loved seeing all of the photos! The pot holder method is something I have to learn from you!

  2. Oh, how I wish I had been able to get to this museum during one of my visits east while my daughter lived in NH. What an incredible experience!
    A round block potholder quilt? Never dreamed there was such a thing. You are game to try it--I will watch with fascination!
    So glad you and Randy had a great visit. She told me she did some real damage at Cyndi's. I would have loved to see it. *LOL*
    But no photos of the three of you?!? Obviously I should have been there to make sure that photo happened!! : )

  3. Looks like a fun day at the museum! Such wonderful quilts!

  4. Wendy, great photos. Just wish all of us could have joined you!!

  5. What a wonderful day for the three of you. I had the chance to go to the Shelburne a few years ago and see just a small handful of their beautiful collection. It was great to see you and some of your beautiful collection as well, on Randi's blog.

  6. I absolutely love the Shelburne and am positively envious over your weekend! What glorious fun!

    A round-block potholder quilt...who knew?? I will be anxiously awaiting seeing yours. I am guessing that the connector pieces are bound too, makes sense, doesn't it? Might actually be an easy(ish) way to put that together. Anyway, I'll be eager to see what you do with it!

    And yes, I second the comments about AQSG.

  7. Must have been an exceptional visit with Randy. I would love to visit the quilt shop but don't think Maine is going to be on the list in the future. It must be a wonderful place to shop.

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful day at the Shelburne! The Star Spangled Banner Quilt was once in Florence Peto's possession and exhibited at the Henry Ford Museum in 1955. So glad you got to see Sharon's amazing hexie in person. Thanks for the pics!

  9. oh what fun! I'm sure it was wonderful to meet Randy in person. I hope I make it to Cynthia's shop one day! Thanks for sharing such great close ups of the detailed applique quilt - wow!

  10. Oh what fun moments you spent together ! And the quilts are stunning ! Thank you for sharing !

  11. I'm so happy that you and Cyndi brought Randy along to the event in Shelburne. I loved seeing your little quilt and the bigger inspiration for it. I want to hang with you Maine folk!

  12. Were we at Cyndi's for 2-1/2 hours?? I felt like only minutes. And I most definitely had to be dragged out of there!! VBG
    Thank YOU for inviting me over and to accompany you and Cyndi to the Shelburne. I must admit that during the 5 hr drive over there, I had doubts about what we were doing. But once there, I was so grateful for the opportunity to see all those quilts, both in the museum and the ones shared by others.
    I wish you would've let me take home the one I "shared" of the reproduction!! Even on loan.... VBG
    You do beautiful work and you are a most wonderful hostess. Thank you again for everything. And Gordon, too! What a sweet man!

  13. Looks like it was an amazing day! I'm drooling over all those amazing quilts. Happy to hear you all had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us.

  14. Ahhhhh I'm so sorry I missed this one. Looks like it was a fabulous study day! Next time hopefully! There is nothing like seeing quilts in person and meeting friends in real life!

  15. Your study day looks an absolute treat!! Such special and beautiful quilts.

  16. Wendy, I think you are the only person I know who would even try to do a circular potholder quilt. I know you will be successful. I love the applique quilt from North Adams; what an imagination in that quilt!

  17. SOOOO jealous that you go to go and see these fabulous quilts in person, especially the North Adams quilt. Such a great thing to be involved in! I love our quilting heritage!