Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Haste makes waste and lots of angst!

In order to reach my goal of nine months - start to finish - on my dear sweet baby Jane, I neglected to measure my 4 corner blocks to "my" quilt borders and simply used the measurement in Brenda's "Dear Jane" book. This is in NO way a fault of the book. Making this in the potholder method, I should have waited until all the borders were on before I cut out AND appliqued my corner blocks. Long story short (too late, I know) I had to once again fudge my way out of it. I'm not sure if you can see how I had to rip off the circles and place them lower.

The text may lose a piece of a letter here and there, but it will have to do as I am not doing them over!!

And, I am woefully behind on my Stars in a Time Warp. If I can finish Jane by Friday, I will catch up over the weekend. Why do I set these ridiculous goals?? I think I just need to 
"stitch all day, so my worries melt away".
Enjoy your quilting today.


  1. It looks like you figured out a fix that will work for you though! Very nice.:) I like to make goals for myself too, but sometimes find myself rushing through when the only pressure is from me!

    1. and after all quilting is supposed to be relaxing!

  2. I'm not so keen on deadlines either ...especially when a little extra thinking is needed:(
    Looks lovely and good luck with progress

  3. I do the same thing to myself. I have to remind myself just to enjoy. Easier said than done. Most of the time it is because there is always another quilt that I would love to make. LOL So glad you found a solution. Can't wait to see this beauty complete! No pressure!

  4. I have found the making of your Dear Jane oh so interesting since you are doing it in the pot holder method. I still have not tried that but do plan on giving it a go.

  5. Good improv! No one would ever know.

  6. From someone who has watched the progress and seen and held the quilt blocks/rows as she has worked So Diligently (she is Ultra Disciplined!), this is a Masterpiece!

  7. I always so a great quilt cannot be rushed!

  8. I'm sure you'll make it work. I'm three stars behind yikes -

  9. Looking great! and it will happen - all in good time! I love the sentiment you have on your block! Is that inked by hand?
    You are truly inspiring me!

  10. Take your time and I'm sure your quilt will be awesome !
    I am late for 3stars !!! ;)