Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Gift of Gab

My father always said I had the "gift of gab". I could talk him into anything before he even knew what hit him. I guess that is why I love the "conversational" prints so much! I have been collecting them for years. Here are my Time Warp stars for week #17. The cricket playing pool is one of my favorites. And, of course I like any print with a horse on it!

The piece with the jockey wearing a horseshoe is an exact reproduction of an antique piece I have. The blue in this is from Barbara Brackman's Union Blues line from Moda. Love those blues!

Have fun with your time warps this week.


  1. Some very interesting conversational prints. I used to purchase that type but had not run across any for a good while.

    1. There haven't been many good ones recently. I'll certainly post if I see a new line!

  2. Your conversationals are marvelous, good job!

  3. Beautiful blocks and aren't they delightful fabrics! I love the fish bowl.

  4. Wee! I love your blocks. I have a weakness for those prints.

  5. Your stars are cute !!
    In France, we don't find that kind of fabrics, and thanks to Barb, I will do mine !