Friday, March 4, 2016


Sarah at Confessions of aFabric Addict is hosting a linky party to see how we all handle (or don’t handle as the case may be) our scraps.

I must first admit that I am a hopeless fabric hoarder. My motto is, “You just never know when there may be a fabric shortage, so stash while you can”.

I have mentioned before that 99% of my fabrics come from my favorite store, “The Busy Thimble”. Cyndi is about a 40 minute drive from my house and I try to get there at least once a month. I dream of the fabric I will buy all the way there and I dream about the fabric I will buy on my next trip all the way back. Cyndi is a constant source of inspiration.

I wash and iron all my fabric before I use it for no particular reason other than I have just always done it. Since 1999, I have cut a 5” strip from each piece of fabric that I have purchased. I have boxes of 19th century reproduction strips and boxes of early 20th century reproductions. I am up to 1,600 twentieth century repros and over 3,400 strips of 19th century reproductions. Yes, that is 3,400 different 19th century prints. I have boxes of squares as well. Some are random, some are charm (each square is a different fabric) and they range from 1½” to 5”. I also have boxes of strips ranging from 1 ½” to 3” or 4” wide. I won't bore you with all my boxes. Here are just a few:

So, I guess you could say I have some scraps that are organized and some that are well…
For my “un” organized scraps I have 3 different baskets according to size. Large, medium and scrids. Large and medium can be used in most projects where the scrappy look is wanted. The scrids are generally used for appliqued blocks. I also donate large doses to my local quilt group and sometimes give them away through my blog.

And sometimes I have “strings” for my friend Charlotte, who makes the most adorable fabric bowls from them. Clever girl!

So, let’s hear your confessions. Do check out the link up at Sarah’s (here). I love to see how quilters handle their scraps.


  1. how can you keep them in hidden boxes? i want to see ALL of mine up close and personal...and BTW, you ARE a generous sharer of scraps!

  2. Wow, you are a serious hoarder, Wendy. A slice from every fabric since 1999? Have you had to move into your garage, or is it full of fabric, too? : )
    Oh, to visit Cyndi's every month would be a dream to me. As it is, I still dream about my one visit last summer. But if I went monthly, as you do, I would have to move into the garage--wait, we don't have one. I'd be on the street, but so worth it! *LOL*

    1. Well, let's say I was happy when both of my children moved out. I now have two rooms full!

  3. Your organization system is amazing, to say the least. When you go fabric shopping what size piece do you generally purchase?

  4. My only scrap organization is to throw them all together into baskets! You have an amazing system figured out!

  5. What an awesome treasure you have that's so organized and easy accessiblity. When you need something, it must be fun to open one of those boxes and rediscover lovely pieces, like a treasure hunt with Oooo's and Ahhhh's.

  6. great to see how you organize stuff. I just use 2 big clear bins.
    cute fabric bowl.

  7. You can open a fabrics store now ah ! ah !
    Wow all these fabrics that's incredible !

  8. Well this was such a fun read ; so interesting!!! You are amazingly organized :)

  9. The only thing I have to confess is that I think about quilting constantly even when I'm quietly listening to my husband talk about his garden or basketball.

  10. You are so organized! Think of all the quilts you could make with your super stash of scraps :)

  11. I would have loved to have all those strips cut from your reproduction fabrics over the years. What a good idea.

  12. You are very organized, but I wonder - do you ever use all those well-organized pieces to make quilts, or do you just save them as a record of all the beautiful fabrics you have used?

  13. Wow! You might have a small number of scraps to be getting along with should there ever be a fabric shortage! LOL
    Good luck with your goals! (visiting from the "I may have a scrap problem" link up)