Monday, May 21, 2018


Our local group holds a quilt-a-thon 4 times a year. We meet at the West Bath Fire Station and have the hall for the entire day. Everyone brings a dish to share and works on whatever they fancy. Although I get much more done when sewing alone at home, stitching and laughing (not to mention eating) with friends is so much more fun. It always reminds me of the song in the Music Man (with the words changed to suit the task!), “Stitch a little, talk a little, stitch a little, talk a little, eat, eat, eat, stitch a lot talk a little more”! Saturday’s group was very productive.

Megan was working on her Flying Geese blocks. Megan always amazes me! She is the Farm Manager and Educator at the Chewonki Foundation. So, after a long day of tending livestock, gardens and children she plays with fabrics! She hand dyed all of these vintage feedsacks with natural dyes from the farm. I am sorry to say that my photos do not do them justice.
The colors are absolutely gorgeous and so soft to the touch. Dying is such a trial and error process, especially with natural dyes and mordants. I didn't see any "errors" in this batch! 

This corner (Jackie, Jerry, Sandy and others) was busy making "kennel pads" for local animal shelters. I forgot to ask how many they have made already, but I know it is "a lot"! 

More worker bees!

I finished a veteran’s top and gave it to Kathy the quilting angel. Of course I forgot to get a photo but I will post it when it comes back and I have put the binding on.

I hope you all get a chance to stitch with a friend this week!


  1. Wendy, that looks like such a fun way to spend the day! GREAT idea. I love the hand dyed fabrics...
    I also loved Music Man so I can sing along with your version!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Love those hand-dyed fabrics :)

  3. What a fun day. Anytime spent with quilting friends is wonderful.

  4. I haven't been to an event like this in a long time. I do remember fun times and not much sewing accomplished. But it is food for the soul.

  5. Those moments are wonderful and unforgettable ! We just have to cherish them !

  6. Those are great times - when we all speak the same language & everyone knows what we mean! Unbeatable combination - good friends, good works and good food.

  7. Great idea to do it quarterly.........

  8. How nice to have this to look forward to every quarter.
    Those hand dyed fabrics look incredible!

  9. wow that looks like so much fun! yay for sewing with friends.
    Those natural hand dyed fabrics are like buddah!
    I love the idea of a quarterly get together....when should I come ? xo

  10. Oh that looks like so much fun Wendy! A group together with the same interest is a good thing. Loved reading dog mats were being made for the shelter. Looking forward to seeing your veterans top.

  11. i like so much...Thanks for sharing the good information!