Monday, September 10, 2018

A Sprig of Cherries

My latest Noah and Matilda block reminds me of the chokecherry jam my mother used to make. One year the pectin she used must have been bad because it never jelled. With 5 hungry children to feed you just don’t throw it out, so we enjoyed chokecherry syrup for the entire winter. In the spring when my mother poured fresh maple syrup on my little brother’s pancakes, he cried “No, I want the red syrup! Fun memory! 

I’m trying to get a wiggle on with dear sweet, Noah and Matilda. We had our one year anniversary last month, so it is time to finish up and move on to Mary Witherwax and another applique project that has been roaming around my head. More hours please!!


  1. Beautiful block. The jelly/syrup happened to me one year, the peach jam didn't set up so we had plenty of syrup! Thanks for the memory.

  2. That is a cute family folklore story.
    Your block is so pretty. I love that leaf fabric. Good choice!

  3. That’s a fun story. Exactly the same thing happened with my mom’s chokecherry jelly one year too - we ate it on ice cream that winter and the following year us kids were hoping it wouldn’t set :0) Always love to see your beautiful blocks - beautifully quilted too! I’ll take more hours too please.

  4. If you find that source for more hours, please let us know!?!?!?!? Love your cherries block......I know how you love to do circles!

  5. Loved hearing your "sweet" story. And your block is pretty sweet too

  6. Just beautiful applique--those berries are so tiny and perfectly executed...hugs, Julierose
    (Great memory story ;}}} )

  7. One year we had apricot 'syrup' for probably the same reason! Love seeing your gorgeous applique!

  8. what a sweet childhood story!
    Love cherries - in quilts and real life!

  9. Wonderful block, love that shirting too.
    So happy you are joining Mary Witherwax!

  10. WOW! Would love to know how you make those little cherries so perfectly round!
    Love the story of the choke-cherry syrup! Isn't it amazing how something like that can stay with you throughout your entire life!


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