Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's the "madder"?

Here are my madder "stars in a time warp" for LAST Wednesday. No madder matter how hard I try to get them done on Wednesday nights... well you know!

The points on this first block are what I think of when someone says "madder". Those wonderful 1870's browns. This was a stripe and, once again, I tried to think like a nineteenth century woman (I think I do most of the time anyway, at least when it comes to technology!). I love using green with these browns. The background is one of Barbara Brackman's Metropolitan Fair line. I absolutely loved that line! 

I don't usually follow directions, but Barbara mentioned the purple and red madders too so this next one (again from Barbara's Metropolitan Fair collection) has a wonderful purpley (I don't think that is a real word, except to quilters) color. The backgrounds are from the same collection. Gee, guess I should have trimmed this before taking the photo. As you can see I am not a precision piecer. If there was a way to hand applique this block... Oh, well, you get the idea. I actually do better with small pieces and I had a fleeting thought last night (which is why I am a morning person) that I might make a set of these in 3" blocks. I did say fleeting so don't hold your breath, but if I get the urge again, I will post them. Have a great day!


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    1. I do too. Love that whole line! Thanks.

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    1. Thanks Grace. Hope you are sewing up a storm - no other storms needed!

  3. You found some great fabric to represent those matters. I dug through stash this past weekend to get started. B.B. has developed a neat exercise to learn fabric history.

    1. Thanks Kyle, the madders are easy as I seem to have quite a stash. I think Barbara intended for us to go shopping to build up our stash. I don't want to disappoint her so I will go out tomorrow and buy some more!