Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Goodbye Dear Friend

 I met Judy Roche at an antique quilt exhibition about 30 years ago. We struck up a conversation and it became immediately evident to me that she had more knowledge of quilts and quilting than anyone I had ever encountered. It would be impossible to list all of Judy's attributes, but I what stands out in my mind as Judy's best quality was her willingness to share. She shared her quilts, her research, her knowledge and her friendship freely and for that the quilt world is forever grateful.

When Judy and Pat first moved to Maine full time, I was lucky enough to join a quilt study group at their home. I didn't attend as often as I would have liked because she lived an hour and a half away and I was still working. But when I was able to make the meeting, I was greeted with open arms and Judy's impish  smile and immediately handed me a recent acquisition to fawn over. She would give us homework for the next meeting which we rarely finished, but almost never scolded us. She never lost the "teacher" in her warm heart and soul.

On Monday, her sweet husband, Pat invited us all to have one last "Study meeting" at their home. We gathered to pay tribute to our dear friend and to help choose quilts for a special exhibit in her honor at our state show, "Maine Quilts 2023" this summer. The show will be curated by our dear friend, Sue Rivers and will be at the Augusta (Maine) Civic Center, July 27- 29. I hope those of you in New England will be able to come and see these treasures and feel her presence.

Judy designed quite a few amazing fabric lines over the years. I loved them all, but this particular fabric is one of my favorites. It is on the back of one of my potholder quilts that is now on display at the New England Quilt Museum's "Portable Patchwork" exhibit curated by the author of the book, "Pam Weeks". If you make it to the museum before the exhibit comes down (July 15), please stop by the quilt and say hi to Judy. I'm quite sure she will give you a wink! 

We miss you Judy!