Thursday, September 14, 2023

Scrappy Star and Fabulous Gladi Porche presentation

 I know this will come as no surprise, but I have decided to finish the Scrappy Star Sew Along with Taryn Falkner (Reproquiltlover) in the potholder method. 😏

Here are the first 3 blocks quilted and bound. I decided on this peachy print for the alternate blocks as I have very few solids in my collection and it seemed the next best thing. 

The backs are cut from my extensive collection of chintzes. 

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of seeing my friend Gladi (Gladi'sQuilts) at our state meeting in Augusta, Maine. I had seen many of Gladi's quilts over the years, but I was still blown away by her collection and her pleasing way of describing her process and her passion. She is truly remarkable! Thanks Gladi!!


Monday, September 4, 2023

Scrappy Star Sew-a-long

 Yup! I've been drawn into another sew-a-long. I had no choice really. It is hosted by Taryn (Repro Quilt Lover) and it is from an antique crib quilt formerly in the collection of my friend Judy (Roche) and, it is made up of 20 of the cutest and scrappiest Ohio Star blocks so...

I am going to try to be true to the colors in the actual blocks as we go along. It is a bit difficult from a photo on a monitor screen, but it is loads of fun and I like the result thus far. 

Block #1

Block #2

I am toying with the idea of making it into a potholder quilt. 😏 Stay tuned.