Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lucky me!

 I was so surprised when Kyle (Timeless Reflections) e-mailed me to say that I had won one of her fantastic “project bags”. It is absolutely beautiful! Now I will have no trouble “remembering” which project is in the bag! And, she snuck in a sweet star quilt pattern as well. Thanks Kyle! 

 I was also lucky to find this lost block this weekend.

I use a very complicated pressing system when trying to flatten a block with tiny pieces. 

Yes, these oversize quilt books serve more than one purpose in my sewing room. Anyway, I was looking something up on Saturday and lo and behold this block popped out from underneath the book. It was for this quilt back in December. You can read about it (here)

 Funny, I remember thinking that I had just miscounted when I ended up needing to make one more block. So… the pressing system only works if you remember where you put it.

 They say the wind chill factor is 25 below zero this morning. At 5 degrees with gusts of 50 mph, I am inclined to agree with them. Hope you are warm and cozy where you are. Have fun today.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

February Monthly mini


Fabric printer sheets are expensive! When I printed out the center message for January’s mini, I needed another quote at the bottom of the page so as not to waste the whole sheet. That led to this month’s message. 

 I believe the events of 2020 helped me to remember to be a little more patient, and kind when under stress.

 This little mini also stands as a reminder to be kind to bees. We owe a lot to our winged friends and they need to be supported. There has been a rapid decline in honeybee population due to the overuse of forever chemicals. Without these pollinators, there would be no food, so perhaps this year we could give them a helping hand. One of the easiest things we can do is to leave our dandelions on the lawn until they go by. These yellow beauties are often their earliest source of food in the Spring.

 Hope you all get some stitching time in this month and most of all, “Bee Happy!”

 I set this post on automatic pilot to post on Sunday. Since I'm going to be unplugged that day, I've rounded up all the usual suspects and linked to their home page, so you may have to scroll (and have a bit of fun) to find the mini. I'm happy to say there are a few new mini makers this month. What fun!

 I'll be back online on Monday so jump in if you like and be sure to let me know so I can link it into our mini post at the end of each month.

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Friday, February 26, 2021

New England Quilt Museum


I am so honored to be sharing the walls (different galleries) of the New England Quilt Museum with the fabulous “Yellow and Orange” quilts from the Pilgrim Roy collection. Both exhibits will be up from March 3 through May 22 along with a few yellow and orange quilts from the museum's permanent collection. 

 When Pam (Pamela Weeks, Curator, NEQM) asked me to choose 20 quilts, I had no idea whose quilts would be gracing the other galleries. It seems fitting that these glorious antiques will be up at the same time as mine since yellow is my favorite color. 

 If you live in (or near) New England I hope you will be able to view these gems in person. NEQM has somewhat reduced hours and they are adhering to the CDC guidelines, so you may want to check their website (here) or call before venturing out. There is so much to see, you will be rewarded for your effort.

I’m hoping to get down on the first warm (o.k. relatively warm) Saturday to be able to meet for an outside lunch with a few friends.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Cassandra's Circle Final block

 Block number 13 in Barbara Brackman’s “Cassandra’s Circle” sew-a-long is now complete. This one is called "Dixie Rose". As with some of the other blocks, I took a few liberties, but I am very happy with the outcome. Now on to assembly! 


 Seems like the whole country is in some sort of winter weather turmoil. Winter is my favorite season, but I think we will all be looking forward to Spring this year. I miss our outdoor “stitching sisters” gatherings.

 Happy stitching to you all!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Full Circle Borders

 As it turns out, I’m adding quite a few little “bobbles” to my curvy vine. It makes me smile, and we all need a little “brightness” in the winter. 

 The inspiration for this quilt was this photo of a c1890 quilt top.

My friend Lynne Bassett is making a “life size” version and it is thus far sensational.

I’ll settle for my half pint for now. 

These circles and colors keep beckoning me back to the scrap baskets. I now know why artists often work in a series. I see many more circle quilts in my future.

 Visit Cecile and Corinne’s FB page (here) to get the latest updates. 

Enjoy your day! 


Friday, February 5, 2021

Border, border, who's got the border?


Auditioning border fabrics is one of my favorite parts of the quiltmaking process. Let’s face it, any time you can just play with fabrics is fun. It’s funny how I almost always chose the first fabric that I throw into the mix. The yellow was in my mind right from the start (no surprise) but I just had to give other fabrics a chance. 

Next, I had to decide whether to leave it plain or add some applique. There were several sketches of swirly vines and flowers, but in the end, this simple curve just seemed to fit. 

Of course there will likely be some colorful bobbles appliqued here and there. Don't want to overdo it! 

As for the name, I’m going to stick with my original thought, “Full Circle”. I truly believe that we will all come full circle in 2021 and work together to build trust and hope and health back in our nation and our world. 

Visit Cecile and Corinne’s FB page (here) to get the latest updates.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Update - January mini

 “Bright Hopes”, my first mini of the year, says it all. 

I used my favorite bright reproductions to create the “Broken Dishes” pattern surrounding my message. I backed it with a print that Barbara Brackman created on Spoonflower. You can order it on Barbara’s Etsy shop (here)

 2021 Is going to have its own challenges, but I do believe we are heading in the right direction. We will need to work together to get Covid under control and to move forward in a bipartisan effort to heal our nation.

 Small is beautiful and this one is more of a micro (7 ½” square) than mini! I hope this will inspire more of you to join in whenever possible. It is very satisfying to have a stack of little quilts to be able to pull from when the need arises.

 I've linked up our usual suspects below. As this post has an automated "post time", a few may not have a mini this month, but if you scroll through you will find some wonderful inspiration indeed! I'm thrilled that my friend Gladi has joined in the merriment this month. And, I am super excited that my friend Cyndi (Busy Thimble) has joined in the fun too. 

Remember that there is never any pressure on my blog! Jump in if you like and be sure to let me know so I can link it into our mini post at the end of each month.


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