Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Circle Time

 It feels strange to not have a mini quilt to post on this final day of January. So, my mini circle a day blocks will have to do. After searching my tin inventory, I decided on this Roy Rogers reproduction tin. 


I kept my yo-yo production in this for years, but after making 875 yo-yos, I thought it might be time to move on. I made little oaktag boxes for each month.

When each month is finished, they will reside in this old shoe box. (yes, I save all boxes, it is in my DNA). 
Because these are the cutouts from my Quilty 365 (hosted by Quilty Folk in 2016), the sizes varied a bit and rather than trim each one, I decided to place a little piece of wool under each circle to hide the seam allowances. 

After I applique them down I press them "flat" and trim each block to exactly 3". I made this special trimming ruler by taking an old worn out 6" favorite and taping the circle to the back as a guide. 

Now, they are all evenly centered - easy peasy!
This is what 31 circle blocks looks like.

On to February!! Hope you sew something that makes you happy today!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Housing Project

 Block #1 in my Corinne and Cecile quilt-a-long is quilted but not yet bound. 

I'm still trying to pick the right binding fabric. I may have to quilt a few more blocks before deciding. I am using a different novelty feedsack on the back of each block. I love these baby shoes! 

I'd like to thank those of you who remembered my "food or cooking theme" for naming my potholder quilts. Kyle (Timeless Reflections) said that they conjured up the word "storybook" to her. Oh how I wanted to utilize that word, but I just couldn't think of a "catchy" name using it. So, because many of my sacks were used to carry sugar, I have decided to call it "Sugar Shacks". Short and oh so sweet!

This name posed a problem with my third intended block. 

I wanted to add a church, but after deciding on the name, I thought it a bit disrespectful to call a church a shack, so I am making a replacement for #3. No worries, I will use this adorable little church somewhere. This is block #2. 
The sun is shining and the snow is glowing so I am off to enjoy a bit of outdoors. I hope your day is full of sunshine too!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Corinne and Cecile's Quilt-a-long

 My house quilt for Corinne and Cecile's 2023 quilt-a-long is going to be made entirely from vintage feedsacks.

House #1

I'm determined to NOT cut into a whole sack, so I've been knee deep in scraps, pulling from boxes and drawers and other hiding places.

It is difficult to find solid feedsacks these days, but I was able to finish 16 backgrounds (the minimum number of blocks is 16) for my upcoming houses. 

I am making them in the potholder method (really??) and have thoroughly enjoyed pawing through my scraps. They are really building themselves with these wonderful, whimsical feedsack fabrics. As usual, the creativity I have seen on their Facebook page is remarkable. Hope you get a chance to visit them all!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

New Year - New Project

 Happy New Year to all! How do we start an entirely new year? With a new project of course!

I wanted something I could pick up for a few minutes each day. I've always wanted to make a tiny basket quilt but the thought of making one of these little guys (3" finished) every day was a bit overwhelming.

How about a tiny star? Hmm, I've already made quite a few tiny star quilts, and I really wanted just a bit of applique each morning. How about circles? I had such fun doing a circle a day with Audrey (Quilty Folk) back in 2016. Then it dawned on me that I already had 365 circles cut out!!

I had cut the circles out of the back of my "Crop Circles" quilt and placed them in a vintage tin for a future project. So Here we are - my 2023 daily project.

Once hand appliqued circle a day. Thanks for the idea Audrey! I may have to find a different tin, they are a bit small for the one I used for my Quilty 365 blocks. 

I am also starting a house quilt in this year's sew-a-long with Cecile and Corinne. You can join in before the deadline of January 20 on their FB page  Corinne et Cécile Quilt Along ! | Facebook  Their sew-a-longs are always so much fun. The creativity is endless. I am still in the planning stage, but two things are for sure. I will be using vintage feedsacks and I will be doing it in the potholder method. I'm choosing backgrounds from this pile of vintage feedsack pieces.

Let the fun begin!