Sunday, February 18, 2024


 I've had very little screen time this month. I made up a little ditty of how I have been feeling about that.

When she picks up a needle, her fingers fly, when they get to the keyboard, they all but die! πŸ˜†

There are 3 babies due this Spring to friends and relatives and the first two quilts are done. 

This is traveling to Virginia:  


This one is for a little one whose last name will be Fox. 

 I used this sweet little print for the back 


I also made a few more kennel pads for our group. We send them to an organization that delivers them whenever there is a natural disaster and are used to line portable crates to help keep these little friends comfortable as they travel. 

I have (so far) been able to keep up with Taryn Falkner's (Repro Quilt Lover) Instagram sew-a-long for the tiny 9-patch challenge. This is week 5. 

I have made quite a "happy" mess while working on these tiny guys. They finish 1 1/2". I piece them oversized and then trim down for better accuracy. I am NOT a precision piecer! 

And, my little wool animals for Corinne and Cecile's animal sew-a-long are coming along. It has been fun to work with the wool on those cold winter days. 

I'm taking my tme and just "pecking" away at them! πŸ˜†

I have a few other things (ok, more than a few) but those will wait for another day. Don't want to vex my fingers any more today lest they demand a rest and refuse to sew!!

I wish everyone a happy day!