Sunday, February 18, 2024


 I've had very little screen time this month. I made up a little ditty of how I have been feeling about that.

When she picks up a needle, her fingers fly, when they get to the keyboard, they all but die! 😆

There are 3 babies due this Spring to friends and relatives and the first two quilts are done. 

This is traveling to Virginia:  


This one is for a little one whose last name will be Fox. 

 I used this sweet little print for the back 


I also made a few more kennel pads for our group. We send them to an organization that delivers them whenever there is a natural disaster and are used to line portable crates to help keep these little friends comfortable as they travel. 

I have (so far) been able to keep up with Taryn Falkner's (Repro Quilt Lover) Instagram sew-a-long for the tiny 9-patch challenge. This is week 5. 

I have made quite a "happy" mess while working on these tiny guys. They finish 1 1/2". I piece them oversized and then trim down for better accuracy. I am NOT a precision piecer! 

And, my little wool animals for Corinne and Cecile's animal sew-a-long are coming along. It has been fun to work with the wool on those cold winter days. 

I'm taking my tme and just "pecking" away at them! 😆

I have a few other things (ok, more than a few) but those will wait for another day. Don't want to vex my fingers any more today lest they demand a rest and refuse to sew!!

I wish everyone a happy day!


  1. silly me i thought you might have gone on a cruise to somewhere warm...LOL...but nooooo! sewing up a storm with so many delightful things! love 'em!

  2. Three lucky little babies to get these lovely quilts made by you. Enjoy!

  3. You're staying so busy. I wish I could get as much done as you do. Both baby quilts are so nice. The fox one was a great idea. I not only get more done when I stay away from the keyboard but I get more done if I can stay away from the TV too. Sigh. . . . .

  4. It's fun to see your "doings" and the little things you're making - small quilts, and even smaller blocks. Wow. You like a challenge don't you? I especially like your little ditty. Makes me smile. You're quite a poet!

  5. Those baby quilts are so precious, Wendy! And that is the perfect backing for the fox quilt.
    Of course, you are doing the 9-patch challenge in the potholder method. Someday I want to try that method, but it would have to be a small quilt. I really stall at binding (I have four quilts waiting in the queue as I write), and to bind every block may take me most of forever.
    Very cute little wool blocks!
    "Don't want to vex my fingers..." love the way you said that. :)

  6. What fun and varied projects you are working on. Love the fox play on words and the first one is super sweet with the panel in the center.

  7. Your posts are always a delight and joy. Thank you for sharing your projects and accomplishments. I enjoy seeing how others quilt.