Sunday, January 22, 2023

Housing Project

 Block #1 in my Corinne and Cecile quilt-a-long is quilted but not yet bound. 

I'm still trying to pick the right binding fabric. I may have to quilt a few more blocks before deciding. I am using a different novelty feedsack on the back of each block. I love these baby shoes! 

I'd like to thank those of you who remembered my "food or cooking theme" for naming my potholder quilts. Kyle (Timeless Reflections) said that they conjured up the word "storybook" to her. Oh how I wanted to utilize that word, but I just couldn't think of a "catchy" name using it. So, because many of my sacks were used to carry sugar, I have decided to call it "Sugar Shacks". Short and oh so sweet!

This name posed a problem with my third intended block. 

I wanted to add a church, but after deciding on the name, I thought it a bit disrespectful to call a church a shack, so I am making a replacement for #3. No worries, I will use this adorable little church somewhere. This is block #2. 
The sun is shining and the snow is glowing so I am off to enjoy a bit of outdoors. I hope your day is full of sunshine too!


  1. Absolutely darling! You have come up with such great designs. I love all three.

  2. coming along nicely wendy....stay safe in the storm!

  3. Moving right along! They are such happy little shacks!

  4. Sugar Shacks - what a cute (sweet, wink wink) name. I sort of find it touching that you'd reconsider using a church block - but I would go ahead with it! Enjoy that quiet sunny snow filled beautiful landscape!

  5. I love your wonderful, funky, and original houses! Sugar Shacks is a perfect name too!

  6. Sugar Shacks is a very fun name, Wendy. And that backing fabric is precious. That last little "Shack" makes me thing of Hansel and Gretel--oh, there is that storybook word again. :)
    I hope your escape to the sun and snow was enjoyable!

  7. These are the cutest little "sugar shacks" ever! I envision little people dressed in the same fabrics and colors--so sweet!

  8. I love your project name/title. Perfect for these sweet little 30's feedsack houses. I think it's okay to have a sugar church. I'm pretty sure those caribbean sugar cane islands have church shacks.
    The sun is out today and took advantage with a long walk.