Friday, September 26, 2014


Sorry, Pam's paper was published in the 2010 (not 2011) Uncoverings. My how time flies! But I recommend all Uncoverings to anyone interested in quilt history. 

Here is a photo of my latest pot holder quilt, "Pan Blackened Applique". This one will be at A Quilter' Gathering IN Manchester, NH the first weekend in November. Love that show!

I like to make the backs interesting too.

Here's a close up. The corners on the scallops were tricky but I love the outcome.

I try to make some sort of cooking reference in their titles. Ironic that I like the pot holder method so much since I hate to cook! I am on my 12 pot holder now. Some nut who shall remain nameless (Pam Weeks) challenged me to make a Dear Jane in the pot holder method and my dear friend Cyndi enabled me by finding me the perfect background fabric so... I have 52 blocks done so far. Photos to follow.


  1. wow I have been looking for white shirtings I have to see if Cyndi has any more :)
    ok this is adorable! I love the back and the fabrics on the right side on the back top one and the one under neath it on the right incredible fabrics. long gone I know i had snippets of them from Judy's stash
    thanks for sharing….this is fun I am so glad to see you blogging

    1. Cyndi says Jo Morton is coming out with a new shirtings line so I'll let you know when she gets them. Some of mine are well over 20 years old. I don't know what got me started on the neons (AKA illumineries) but I can't stop collecting them. We are off to see the RI quilts at NEQM tomorrow. Can't wait and hope to post some photos of them.

  2. I want to try your potholder method so I will order the book you suggeste in the Celebrate Hand Applique group. I love this quilt with the scallops!! One question, how well do the hold up in the wash??