Monday, December 8, 2014

My crazy method

I have had a few questions in my last few posts as to the process of basting and quilting these little guys. First I trim the block to its desired size (in this case 5")

then I cut a piece of wool batting (split it in half for lower loft) and put the three layers together

then I press them (yes with an iron) together and baste them on the machine around the edge about an 1/8" from the edge. The loft of the wool pops back up after it is quilted and bounced around a bit. 

then I take two of them and baste them together along the edge of their backings

then I baste them onto muslin strips using the longest stitch on my machine (I think it about 5 stitches per inch) so it will come out easily after quilting.

and this is the what the back looks like - and then I quilt them in my 14" hoop.

 I will post a few binding tips as soon as I remember to take step by step photos! Hope this helps. Enjoy the day.