Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Turkey red stitch along

I am overwhelmed and delighted by the response to my scrap giveaway and I can hardly wait for Friday! Please check out all the comments to see how others deal with their scraps. I'm having a ball reading them all. Thank you so much for participating. I wish I could send them to all of you!

As I mentioned, my friend Cyndi and I are following Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts stitch along called Stars in a Time Warp. We are making 6" Variable stars. Each Wednesday, Barbara lets us know what color she will feature. Last week was Turkey red, and here are two of my stars. Barbara asks us to think like a 19th century quiltmaker while planning the blocks. This is not easy for people who are precision piecers (myself NOT included). Even though I am not a perfectionist, this first one was a bit of a stretch for me. I tried to use the checked background in a way that it might have been used in the mid 19th century. If the piece wasn't big enough, just add a piece onto it and don't worry about the direction fof the check. Hmmm.

This one was far easier as I often use two or more similar fabrics in a block. This star has 3 different Turkey reds in it.

 Check out Barbara's Blog and join in the fun!