Friday, February 6, 2015

Yup - I did it again!

Don't you wonder how the brain works (or in this case - doesn't work!). Just 2 short weeks ago I lost 2 bindings for my Jane border and spent an hour looking for them. So yesterday I wanted to work on my quilt for the AQSG Past and Present 1825 challenge and I went searching for the little hexagons I had made a few weeks ago. Where could they be, I asked myself after 45 minutes of searching???  I finally gave up and went out to shovel more snow. It was a medium weight snow (now I know why the Inuit people have 16 different words for snow, however, i can only think of one at this point and it is not white in color!) and as I took a shovel full it dawned on me that I had placed my little babies under some heavy books to keep them flat. Hmm, I guess that means snow is good for something!

This was the view out my sun porch (sun - really??) window this morning. Not only do we have over 4' of snow in the yard but it is 14 below this morning, just to put things in perspective. The weatherman said that with the windchill factor last night it "felt like" 40 below. I love this new "feels like" that they use nowadays. How do calculate that? I say it feels !#$% COLD! We don't usually talk about the weather in Maine, it is too variable. In fact, we have a saying, "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute". But this winter is different. Our major ski mountains have closed the lifts from time to time on account of wind, but this year they have cancelled lift service due to excessive cold. 

I am shamefully behind in my "Stars in a Time Warp" posting and was going to share them today, but forgot to photograph them last night. Lori, from Humble Quilts is joining in the fun. Check out her beautiful stars. Hope you all can take a minute to join in the fun. I am anxious to see what people do with their finished stars.

O.k. enough, I will leave you with a photo of my ugly ironing board cover and another stack of Jane border blocks. I haven't dared to start assembling them yet. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Wendy your hexie are beautiful! What size are they? Did you do them the tradition paper pieced way? Thank you for posting, you inspire me. ;)

    1. Trudi, I do use the traditional English paper preceding method, but I use oak tag - mainly Manila folders - and then I punch a hole in the center so when I am through piecing the units I can pull the papers out with tweasers and use the papers over again. I print them on my laser printer from the website free graph paper online. These are.06 in size. Thnaks for asking.

  2. That is so frustrating to lose things in your sewing room!

  3. I am always loosing things! I guess I'm not very neat and organized. We visited Maine a couple years ago and loved it - in September! Beautiful and perfect weather. Our winter here in Oregon has been pretty mild with lots of rain.