Friday, March 6, 2015

Indigo stars

Here are my indigo stars for this week's Stars in a Time Warp (I know - they are done before Tuesday night!). I love the background in this first one. It's funny how I think I am such a "traditional" quilter, yet I am finding it hard to think like a 19th century quilter. Maybe it is because I have entered too many competitions where judges just don't understand that I am trying to recreate an antique quilt. I am certain if I used this block in a "juried" show the comment would be "should have matched your fabrics better". Of course when I chop off points or make a crooked seam, it is all intentional, so that I may enjoy the experiences of our foremothers! 

But seriously, I am trying to follow Barbara's "suggestion". I love this one and it was pretty easy to make that one different point. In fact, it may not be noticeable enough.

And, speaking of blue - Cyndi and I went to the New England Quilt Museum yesterday to see the Prussian Blue quilts curated by Anita Loscalzo. She gave a superb talk on Prussian Blue, which can also be found in the 2010 Uncoverings published by AQSG. I forgot my camera (Argh!) but Cyndi took lots of photos and will be posting some on her blog so check it out. And if you are in New England I highly recommend getting to the museum before this exhibition ends on April 4.

We also realized how much this "color" exercise of Barbara's is working. We spotted lots of indigos in some of the Prussian blue quilts and Anita's talk helped to explain the differences of the two dyes. 

And for my weekly rant - don't forget to change your clocks this weekend for daylight savings. Seriously?? When are we going to stop this? If they really want to mess with time changes, just give us one more hour in the day. I think I could get a lot more done in 25 hours!

I just read Victoria's post of her "indigo stars" and I had to interject a comment here. If you are doing this "Stars in a Time Warp" sewalong, I highly recommend viewing Vic's post here , She gives a detailed explanation of the fabric manufacturers she chose. I am so fortunate to have a friend (Cyndi) where I get 99% of my fabrics, that I forget how difficult it is for some people to find good reproductions. If you scroll through some of Cyndi's older posts you will see beautiful photos of her shop. Grab a cup of tea and a napkin to wipe up the drool!


  1. I love your new stars and did note that you/ve finished and it's not yet Tuesday! I also noticed the pieced corner in the center square and love it.
    I'm a little jealous of your visit to the NEQM and the Prussian Blues. I'm living vicariously through you. :) I follow Cindi through your blog, so I'll check there to see pictures. Thanks!

  2. Well, if you ever feel like a road trip you are welcome to stay with me! We'd make a special trip to Cyndi's and if you come in the summer, we'll take you for a boat ride to the famous Boothbay Harbor. Happy stitching.

  3. Great looking stars and thank you for inviting your readers to view Park Hill Farm blog as well!

  4. Thank you so much for the details about the Prussian blue ! It was a little difficult for me to find it but fortunately, BB gave different blue in her post and I could find one.....congratulations for your stars ! They are amazing !
    Hugs from France !