Friday, April 3, 2015

A super postcard and another Time Warp "jump in".

My friend Tina (no blog, although I think she should start one!) has jumped in to the Time Warp. She stopped by Busy Thimble while I was there yesterday to see if she was using the right fabrics. Cyndi and I agreed that she is right on target. Of course she still needed a few things to add to the pile! After all we don't know what Barbara will chose next. I didn't get my foulard stars done yesterday but will do them this weekend. I seem to have a closet foul full of foulards! Thanks Tina for sharing.

I am fortunate to have many wonderful friends that I quilt with from time to time, but has been such a treat to have found new friends through my blogging adventures. I love it when people comment on my posts, but this week I was lucky enough to get a "special" card in the mail from a fellow blogger. Debra from "My Life is a Stitch & Random Things that Make Me Smile" (one of my favorite blog titles by the way) sent me this beautiful hand made postcard. I'm sure she didn't know it at the time, but it was just what I needed that day! I like to think that most quilters are full of the "random act of kindness" spirit, but it is always nice to be on the receiving end. Thanks Debra!

Sorry, I have tried 6 times to turn this right side up - argh! You will just have to stand on your head to see how beautiful it is. I need to take a tech class!!! Maybe it just wants to fly upside down today.

I just went to Debra's blog (here) and you can not only see this rightside up, but she will show you how she made it. You can also see the real things sitting on a fence! Thanks Debra. 


  1. I saw Tina's blocks up close and personal yesterday and they are Great! Wish I could get out of my rut and be more adventsuresome with color choices! The postcard is beautiful!

  2. wow great stars I love the play of values. The post card is very very sweet - love that birdie :)

  3. Fantastic fabric choices - the stars sparkle. Wonderful post card, what a treat!

  4. What a fun bunch of star blocks! Love the postcard too:)

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