Thursday, July 23, 2015

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

My husband bought me a Kindle Fire for our anniversary. When he brought back a "cover" for it I noticed that there was no hole for the lens to show through. Hmm, you mean I have to take it out of this thing every time I want to take a picture? If I'm going to do that I'll make one that I like! He agreed and it went back to the store. So this is what I came up with. Funny that I used vintage feedsacks for a 21st century gadget! I simply machine pieced (quilt as you go) the strips to a long piece of double cotton batting and a backing and then brought the back to the front and stitched it down. I used Velcro for the closure. Works great!


Even for the technically challenged (that would be me) it the Kindle seems pretty simple to run. Now I can take this to quilt shows and not have to "borrow" his iPad. Aha!

I've started hand quilting my latest potholder quilt. I will be demonstrating hand quilting and needle turn applique at our state show, Maine Quilts 2015 in Augusta, Maine this weekend. Hope you get a chance to visit the show and enjoy some Maine vacation time!


  1. Happy Anniversary! The 1930's feedsacks look so bright and happy and you did a great job on that cover. I still have car woes so I will not go to Maine but enjoy your teaching workshop!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your cover is great!
    have fun teaching!

  3. Love your cover. Happy Anniversary! I wish I were going to the Maine show. Maybe next year!

  4. Cute cover!! So practical too:)