Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quilty 365

Yes, a day late in posting this, but still oh so much fun. Since November 8 I have started every morning with a little circle applique. Ten minutes of pure happiness each morning. My little circles are like Frosted Flakes, they’re great! Here is my August 1st block. Happy little thing isn’t it? 

They are really adding up!

Nothing says happiness like vintage feedsack fabric! Since I do most of my work by hand, I'm not all that familiar with all parts of my sewing machine. I just recently found out what this little drawer is for.
How delightful! I think I will be doing more machine work in the future.

I hope you are all enjoying your journey as well. Thanks Audrey!


  1. Yes, the M&M drawer! LOL! I had one of those when I worked in a cubicle, where other people put paperclips. Love your circles. How cool to be using vintage feedsack fabrics!

  2. LOL!!! Why didn't I read that in the manual, of course that's what that drawer is for! Your circles are so wonderful made in vintage feedsack. A perfect way to start the day. I like how you've rolled them to store them.

  3. You must have a Pfaff sewing machine! I don't sew on my Pfaff too much anymore but it has a storage area like that. I never kept M&M's in mine. Good idea.

  4. LOL....old viking has no drawer...have to keep 'em in the bag...very pretty blocks!

  5. Oh yes - I can see you have mastered that sewing machine! I'll be complaining to Bernina - they don't have that accessory drawer :(
    Your feedsacks are looking more and more delightful!

  6. Oh, yes, your circles are grrrrreat! And so is your secret accessory drawer!

  7. What a fun and playful quilt this will be! We started this adventure on the same day, so happy that we're still going strong.

  8. I still think your idea of storing the rows on cardboard tubes is fabulous!

  9. Very pretty circles happening there.

  10. hello Wendy. Your drawer made me laugh out loud. May I have permission to share your photo on our quilt guild page, it would amuse them all no end!
    I think I might make circles next year when I have cleared a few UFO's. Still quilting the Mimi's bloomers and EPPing dresden plates.

    1. Absolutely! You may share anything you see on my blog.

  11. you are so clever! I have that drawer too! lol
    your circles are very fun!

  12. Darling Circle block!
    Love that sweet little treat drawer too!

  13. Hahaha! Who knew? I need to fill mine up now! Love your circles!

  14. Your circles are very sweet! What a great idea for that drawer

  15. It's such a treat to see your feedsack fabrics every month! Hmm, I think I'm glad my machine does not have that special drawer - I'd have a hard time rationing myself!

  16. What fun! Sewing and M&Ms perfect together!

  17. Best sewing trick I've seen in a long time!
    Love your circles!

  18. Thank you for the biggest belly laugh this morning! That is so funny! Your circles are fabulous. Alas, I have quit the circle project.

  19. If I had read the instructions for that drawer I am sure I would have gotten much more completed....and perhaps a bit stained...LIL.

  20. Love the rolls of circles...yes, they are happy looking. Yummy drawer...with no a/c here I would have one melted glob in a drawer. Hmmmm...catchy sounding...glob in a drawer.

  21. The vintage feedsack fabric really is happy. Love seeing these! And your organization. I'm very jealous!

  22. Your M&M supply drawer really gave me a laugh today. Makes me want to get my Bernina 1130 back out.

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