Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow Day!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow. It is just the ticket to get me in the holiday mood.

Do you ever feel like quilting takes a back seat in the busy holiday season? With jobs and family and volunteer work over the next few weeks, quilting seems to be at the bottom of the list.

I currently have 7 quilts in process in different stages (not included in the list of 47 “someday” quilts pinned to the wall). Two require more design work as I go along which involves using the brain as well as the hands.

So, of course the logical thing to do (in order to fit a little quilting into every day), is to start a new project! This one will utilize my orphan blocks leftover from previous quilts. How hard could it be? Most of the work is already done, right?

Here is my preliminary layout. I laid out a simple grid which will allow the quilted and bound blocks to fit together nicely. 

I’m binding all the blocks in a solid red to hopefully tie it all together.

I’ve named it “Pot Luck” which fits my practice of naming all my potholder quilts with some sort of reference to cooking.

And while I was searching through one of the Christmas boxes I came across this photo. This is "Monk" my son's favorite childhood toy. My son was born on New Year's Eve in 1979, so this must have been early January 1980. Do you see the magazine on the end table? It was probably in my Christmas stocking that year. He doesn't dare buy me any books or magazines now for fear I already have them! 

So, what are you doing to simplify your holiday quilting? 
Are you crazy enough to start something new?

Enjoy the day!


  1. It started snowing here yesterday and now we have LOTS of snow too! I had to laugh at your idea of starting a new project during this busy season. I think I just did that? lol It always seems like the time of year to do a 'nonthinking' project that's for sure.:)

  2. I've got some time off work so would be great to get onto some sewing. Days had been to hot to go to the chookshed but hoping to soon.

  3. We're travelling over Christmas and I don't have a travel project so yes I guess that means I'll have to start a new project. Yours looks wonderful. You come up with the best names.

  4. I really don't do much holiday quilting, but make a few crafty items if the mood strikes.
    It's been trying to snow all day but it isn't amounting to anything. :(

  5. Southwestern PA here and the mildest longest fall ever, only a tad of snow one morning a few weeks ago. Potluck is pretty and the old photo was fun to see :)

  6. I love snowy days and working on projects. I'm starting a new one, too. Your Pot Luck quilt is going to be fabulous!

  7. Wendy, your potluck block is so pretty. We think that a quilter has to start a new project when the inspiration strikes, and very often that is on a wintry day when it's so cozy to stay inside. Best wishes on your new quilt ! We know it will be fabulous ! -- Marina and Daryl Lynn

  8. Holy crow, Wendy, there is something in the air! I am just about to write about the new project I started today.

    I love that quilt magazine in the corner of your photo -- a testament to a life well spent! I'm sure your orphans will come together beautifully. :D

  9. what a cute cute photo!
    I don't dare count my unfinished projects, lol.
    I did a total blitz and made a whole quilt design to binding in 2 weeks. Now the sewing is pretty over until all the gifts are wrapped and the house decorated.
    LOVE your PH project. Potluck is great name. Love that red binding.

  10. Perfect name for your project. That looks like no easy task to have figured out how it all fits together.
    The sewing I do this time of year is usually a frantic effort to finish up gifts, and an occasional moment of therapy quilting.
    That is a great shot of you with Monk!

  11. Your post made me smile today. Loved your photo and the Potluck name for your leftover blocks. Absolutely appropriate. No, no, no, I can't start anything new now! But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to!

  12. Pot Luck is a perfect name for your wonderful new project!
    I'm sure it will turn out Fabulous! Love the idea of red borders to tie all the orphans together.
    Although I have 4 ongoing UFO projects - YES, I'm starting a couple more projects in 2017.