Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year - New List

Many of you have embarked on an ambitious endeavor to complete 17 UFO’s for 2017 hosted by Pomegranate andChintz. I gave this one a lot of thought, but decided I’d have a lot more fun watching all my Blogging friends feel good about their accomplishments. I am much too nice a person to steal anyone’s glory!

Many of my Blogging friends have posted this week about all the quilts they made in 2016. I thought about this one too, but decided that I was way too lazy it would take away too much of my quilting time to go back and grab photos of what I finished last year. So, I invite you to scroll through my past posts if you are so inclined.

All kidding aside, I do hope you will take some time and scroll through your favorite Blogs to see how much we do accomplish in our little quilt world. We have a lot to be thankful for in our little community. We make quilts for those in need. We lend support to fellow quilters and advice when needed wanted. But, most of all (at least for me) we relive the stress of everyday life from our aching shoulders by simply picking up a needle and thread.

My list of ongoing quilts to make is far too long to finish in one year, but I have crossed off a few. Of course, for every one of my 39 (yes 39) quilts on the list I eliminate, I add at least one more!

So, here is a list of the ones that I think know I will finish in 2017:

1)    Log Cabin quilt-a-long with Cecile and Bea (please check out their challenge here)
2)    Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album quilt (another quilt-a-long, check it out here)
3)    Quilty 365 – finish hand quilting (another quilt-a-long, check it out here)
4)    Pot Luck - my most recent potholder quilt
5)    Ruby Red – a challenge for our annual show this July
6)    Mini quilts – for our annual benefit auction this summer

Now, that is only 6 out of a list of 39. I know there will be many more than this, but since I am such a creative flea, I just don’t know which one I will “jump” to next. Tune in next January to see how I did!

(The image is of a little quilt I made for a friend last year at this time.)


  1. Yes, that little quilt is so sweet, Wendy! I am with you, 17 is too many, I need to be more focused than that. And I agree, we are lucky to be quilters. Here's to a happy 2017!

  2. I always love seeing what you're working on. I think our lists just keep us focused and a reminder of all the fabulous projects we hope we have time to work on. The more the merrier!

  3. Thanks for the smiles! As much as we love quilting (and quilting therapy!), it's always good to look at things with a dose of humor. Good wishes for a fabulous quilting year!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt Wendy!
    I really enjoyed your post and you are spot on... how lucky we are to have such an amazing and inspiring community of quilters here in blogland.

    Best wishes on the completion of your 6 UFO projects for 2017! I'm happy to be a cheerleader for you!

  5. It's good to have manageable goals, then anything else you finish feels like a bonus! Your list sounds ambitious to me.

  6. I love that little quilt and plan on watching my friends do 17UFO's in 2017.

  7. Fun post, Wendy! Such a sweet little quilt for your friend :) Sounds like you've already got a plan to finish some quilts this year. Good for you!

  8. I feel the same as you. Too much work to figure out. At least for now. I will just take things as they come and do what I feel like. I am afraid if I made a list, I would soon vary off from it anyhow. I like the little quilt you show. The sashing fabric you used is wonderful!

  9. I agree that the year-end recaps and long detailed "I plan to" posts take a lot of time . . . Here's to the joy of stitching!

  10. Good luck on your totally doable list. The mini is adorable.

  11. Your post is sooo fun as usual and this little quilt is adorable !
    I love your list for this new year and I wish you the best in your quilting work !

  12. Love the little quilt--I feel like you about every year-end's finishes; I don't make that many --or sometimes any lol--but i love looking at everyone else's. Love that little quilt you made--the colors just sing hugs, Julierose

  13. Wendy, you crack me up! A creative flea is not something I've have thought you were! But such a cute idea, except for the itchiness!
    I love what you have done and I agree with you about avoiding ridiculous goals. i like to make quilts as they come along!
    I am also going to do Cecile's log cabin project and might endeavor the newest 365 challenge but beyond that, it's really up in the air.
    I'm confident you'll make a big dent in your 39 quilts waiting for your touch!
    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  14. HI Wendy, we love your sense of humor ! Too funny, LOL. Best wishes for a very Happy New Year, filled with blessings and fun sewing projects. ((Hugs)) from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  15. Hi Wendy, I think you really should join us - you can use those six. We're not aiming to finish, but to Substantially Progress each one (and if a finish occurs that's a bonus!) so you do qualify. And you know I'm a dragonfly when it comes to flitting between projects! Happy new year!

  16. If finishing 17 things means 17 BLOCKS, perhaps we are up to the task! ;) Happy New Year, Wendy!

  17. Happy New Year Wendy!
    I am making a list but not taking a challenge. I would be sure to fail, ha ha.
    Your list looks very doable. I have a question, do the "finished bound blocks" get hand stitched together to make your quilt? You are the pot holder queen!

  18. 39! Ha! I'm not that bad, but almost. It's overwhelming. I quit a lot of projects last year... so I'm being more cautious in what I start this year. I am sitting here cozy by the fire getting caught up on quilt blogs and you are so right - what amazing accomplishments and creativity!! Happy New Year!