Friday, April 14, 2017

SVBAQ Rose of Sharon

I love the traditional stylized block named “Rose of Sharon”, but Esther’s creation (as with most of the blocks in this quilt) is a more realistic rendition of the real flower. This was an easy one to applique. There were lots of pieces, but they were all large enough to make the applique process simpler.

I have tried to vary the greens in each block. Since I am using all 19th century reproductions, it is a bit more difficult to get a good variety. I used lighter, brighter greens for this one. Clearly they are my favorites, as you can see, they matched my outfit of orange socks and green Crocs! Too funny!

 My husband is boatbuilder who has recently found a hobby in miniature modeling.
Some of the fleet 

The latest in process

He attended the Midcoast Model Festival at the Transportation Museum in Owl’s Head over the weekend, so I had lots of quiet time to finish this one up! Old movies and hand work – the best combo ever! I love watching old mysteries and film noir while I am stitching. My kids used to tease me that I never watched anything that wasn’t in black and white!

Visit the Shenandoah ValleyBotanical Album blog to see all the wonderful renditions.

Happy Easter everyone!
May your baskets be filled with joy!


  1. Hi Wendy, I love your Rose of Sharon Block. I may be able to help you if you need more reproduction greens. The one thing I noticed about early Barbara Brackman collections is the lack of greens. I just love the poison greens. How nice that your husband has an interesting hobby. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter, I'll be spending it with the new Granddaughter.

  2. What a run applique block. I love that it matches your outfit!
    The model boats are cool! That's great he has a hobby.

  3. Beautiful block as usual Wendy ! The colors are perfect... I wish you a wonderful weekend with lot of chocolate !

  4. Your applique is so beautifully done! Sweet fussy-cut flower centers. Got a chuckle from the matching outfit. : )
    Your hubby's hobby work is amazing!
    Old movies are the best! I don't have as many in the film noir genre as I do the comedies and musicals, but I could watch black and white forever!

  5. Your block is gorgeous Wendy! Love those fussy flower centers. Such fun to see your husbands miniature boats.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.

  6. Wendy, your Rose of Sharon is awesome. I love that block and the variations. I made a quilt with a variety of Rose of Sharon blocks! I always dress to match the fabrics I'm using. Doesn't everyone?? VBG

    How awesome that your husband is playing with small boats these days rather than the larger ones in the workshop! Or is he doing both??

    Hope you have a great Easter with Caton!

  7. I love that fact that you dressed to match your appliqué or did your socks and crocs influence your block? ( That sounds like a Dr. Suess rhyme)

  8. Between the quilts/feed sacks/boats/Grammies I would say that we are a match in heaven! 'In your spare time" (right-) I wonder if you could take a shot of your feed sack books? I too love the new one (small print!)& it arrived right before I gave a lecture so spot on. Susan Riley

  9. Love the colour combination on your both your block and socks & crocs :D What a clever crafty couple you and hubby are together.

  10. I am looking forward to seeing all your blocks together. I have been watching your progress and always like what I see.

  11. Your block is absolutely charming! That's a lot of pieces to applique. Love your matching socks and crocs :) Looks like your husband is keeping busy, too. Nice fleet!

  12. I love seeing these blocks, your colour choices are always so wonderful. Your husbands boats are wonderful too. My husband liked make planes for a while. He'd be there gluing bits together while I sewed.

  13. Oh my - i too love to watch old movies while I sew. I just went through a bunch of old Betty Davis and Joan Crawford movies on TCM.
    Your block looks great and matching your socks & crocs is a bonus :)
    Your husband's boat models are wonderful!!