Friday, January 4, 2019

Pam Buda - Vintage Patchwork - UPDATE

As mentioned in my New Year's post, one of my 2019 goals is to make one project from Pam Buda’s Vintage Patchworkbook each month. You can get the book directly from Pam (here).
I’d love to have some more guinea pigs followers to join in the fun. You can make one or all twelve – No Pressure! In fact, the only pressure I allow in my quilt room is under the iron! 

I decided to follow Pam’s instructions completely, which is a real stretch for me as I don’t follow directions well! (I can hear some of you laughing!!). I have to say Pam makes it so easy. You can make everything (yes, all 12) from the book with forty 10” squares. You can use precuts or cut your favorite fabrics. I chose my own because I like to prewash my fabrics. I love the system of tracking each fabric by sticking them on the chart.
Included in the book is a large sheet of cutting directions. You simply label 12 little plastic bags and place each project’s pieces in them.
Cutting is not one of my favorite parts of quilting, and this process made things so simple.
Now all I have to do is grab the baggie and whip up a quilt!

Randy (Barrister's Block) and Cathy (Big Lake Quilter) have finished their first little quilt as well and they are absolutely spectacular! Do check them out!!

The only problem is that this first one was so much fun, I want to make all of them right now!!

Since I will be posting my monthly mini quilts at the end of the month, I will be posting these projects on the first week. Chime in any time!!


  1. My goodness, girl, how do you do it all?!?
    This is adorable, and I so want to join in, but it may be extremely sporadic for me.
    I can tell you this right now--whatever I do get done on this challenge will not be as carefully planned and all precut and packaged. It will be a "flying by the seat of my pants" kind of project. :)
    You are amazing!!

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  2. i am totally impressed wendy...with your organzation but certainly not with the end result...your super quilting skills are well known!

  3. Cute! Cute!! Your organizational skills are inspiring— you tempt me, big time, with this big, juicy carrot!

  4. I think you've chosen lovely fabrics for this challenge. You are going to make beautiful little quilts this year :0)

  5. You are one organized quilter! You're gon'a have fun!

  6. Sounds like Pam has a great system worked out and you're going to have a lot of fun with it! I look forward to seeing your monthly posts!

  7. That is really great organization! I am lucky to find a box to put the piece in, much less actually putting the pieces in the box.

  8. I am seriously tempted - but will not be able to begin until March at the earliest. Following directions to the letter is not my "thing" either - I admire your efforts to do so.

  9. I'm in. Just have to remember where I put the book...LOL Hugs

  10. What a fun idea to precut all the quilt parts!! Love the first quilt you made this year!!

  11. Very sweet little mini. I love the sunny pops of yellow! It's very tough for me to follow directions but probably good to try once in awhile.:)

  12. I'm going to admit up front that I'm going to try to keep up with your monthly mini plan but I have read over the book's instructions and I don't see myself cutting all the pieces in advance-- just not my style. I am exceedingly impressed with your organization and fortitude!
    Love the first one you made...
    Are you still going to do a monthly mini as well??

  13. You're off to a great start for 2019! Interesting way of organizing fabrics for Pam B's little projects. Have fun! Can't wait to see your 'beginning-of-the-month' little quilts :)

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  15. I don't think I have that book but I just recently purchased some of Pam Buda's fabric. I haven't decided exactly what I will make with it. But who needs a plan when adding fabric to stash.

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