Saturday, March 28, 2020

Trying Times

I feel like I should title this post, “What I did on my Summer Vacation”. I am feeling lucky to be one of the few who can adjust work schedules to stay healthy. I have been going into the office on weekends and early (4:00 a.m.) mornings to get as much as I can done before any humans arrive.

I am actually feeling a tad guilty for all the free time I have had. Well, perhaps just a “tad” as I really have accomplished quite a bit over the past 10 days of sequestered bliss. 
I feel I should have been doing this

 But instead...

The first thing I did was to pack this little quilt I mad for my nephew and niece. Momma is a librarian at Bates College and although this does not fit the theme of her new nursery, I just couldn’t resist! I feel so badly for expectant parents. They are due in 2 weeks and unless things change drastically, my nephew will not be able to attend the birth. This just brings me to tears. 
Love the backing fabric

One of our employees at the boatyard is in the same boat (no pun intended). He stopped working 2 weeks ago and they are due about the same time as my nephew. I made this little baby toy and sent it out to them. 

Our local hospital is in desperate need of quilts for veterans so I made this simple 4-patch and dropped it off with my neighbor who is delivering them. A lot of my friends are making masks, but our local hospital is not taking cotton masks yet. We did deliver a good quantity of N95 masks that we had in the boatshop.  
Love this backing! 

My daughter requested a mat for my 2 year old grandson to help him learn about animal habitats. He has a whole set of wooden animals and now he can place them where they live. There is a river with an island, a jungle, a farm pasture, a desert, a glacier and a strip for the stuffed mountains. Not fancy, but he loves it, and Nana used up a lot of wool that was just sitting in bins! 

I have mentioned before that Maine is celebrating our 200th anniversary. Our quilt study group is making a quilt to put on a frame at the Maine State Museum for people to try their hand at quilting. We are each making 12 uneven 9-patch and 12 half square triangle blocks. I finished mine and hope we will be able to get together soon to assemble them. 

I finished quilting my Beaand Cecile quilt-a-long star quilt. I thought it looked rather empty so I appliqued a bird. Thinking I might do something in the lower corner too.

I finished block #3 of the Cassandra’s Circle sew-a-long with Barbara Brackman. I felt it needed a bit of spice too so I added the little circles.
I did the same thing after looking at my center block. Much happier now! 

I will be posting the monthly minis on Tuesday and then we shall see what the next 10 days brings. We can all get through this if we follow the guidelines set forth by the scientists. And, now we know “why” we need that gigantic stash! Stay safe and healthy my friends.


Karen said...

The circles do add punch to the Cassandra blocks. At first, I thought you had made of the same pattern but realize now that it was the amount of light at the time of the photo that made them look different.

Very good to have passed on from the boat business the masks needed for health care.

cityquilter grace said...

love your cassandra blocks!

Robin said...

What a delightful post. Congratulations on the 200th anniversary. That's hard to believe as we've only been a state for 123 years. Love the dots on everything. The bookcase quilt is darling and so appropriate. I love the picture about cleaning house. I figure no one is coming to see me so I don't need to keep thinks as tidy as I did before - ha! Enjoy your free time.

Sandy said...

Wow, you've been busy Wendy, and what a bunch of cool things you've made! I especially love the Bea and Cecile Stars (I always want to say, Beanie and Cecil, like the puppets?) Just gorgeous. It doesn't need a thing, imo! I had to crack up at the poster, thats exactly what I've figured out the last couple of weeks! I started out like gangbusters doing all kinds of "deep" cleaning, and then i just stalled. I'm even having a hard time motivating myself to sew the last several days. I did finish my March Mini however, and will post it shortly.

Kyle said...

I sure enjoyed your post tonight. You had so much to share. You're quilts are as lovely as always. What caught my attention was the habitat mat you made for your grandson. That was a cool idea and it looks like he loves it. Going to work at 4am@#? It makes for a very long long day. The circle appliques added a lot of pizzazz to the basic blocks. I've been staying put too. We all hope this will be over soon.

Janet O. said...

You put your time to much better use than if you had done that old house cleaning stuff! :)
I think the bookshelf makes a great quilt for a new baby of a librarian. And that is an adorable backing--vintage or repro? That boat is so cute! A very good looking veteran's quilt and what a cute habitat mat! Is there nothing you can't do?!?
Love the stars quilt. Those colors are show-stopping!
The perfect fussy-cut appliqued circles leave me in awe, and they are the perfect touch on those blocks!

Cathy said...

You have accomplished much. I love all the projects you have worked on. Hugs

Lori said...

What a great post to read this morning! So many lovely and fun projects! Love the habitat mat!! And the setting for your star blocks is super!!
Take care

Raewyn said...

it's good to see you can alter your work to suit the current situation. And wow, you are fitting lots of extra sewing time in. The habitat mat is such a great idea - the second photo shows what a good size it is and how many animals will fit on it! I love your Barbara Brackman appliques. The extra bird is perfect on your star quilt. The baby quilt is lovely and the wee toy a great idea - just wondering what you stuffed it with? Happy sewing!

SueR said...

I am awed by the amount of quilting you have got done lately. I just love the habitat mat you made for your little grandson--so sweet. And I love the books quilt too, very cute. Sad indeed that dads cannot be in hospital with moms giving birth. It's suddenly a different world.

Nancy said...

I'm with you, Wendy: a lack of time is not my problem, at least when it comes to housecleaning. I don't know what your house looks like but your quilts and creatively-sew fabric results look wonderful!
That's a great library quilt with it's fun backing, and a sweet baby toy. What did you fill it with? And the play mat for your grandson is such a great idea. It looks like he was having great fun putting it to use.
I am surprised Maine is only 200 years old. I always thought of it as one of the earlier states. I hope you all get to have your celebration yet this year. (Oh, heck, the year's young and we're sure to be done with the virus problem soon, right?)
I love your additions to the Cassandra's Circle blocks. Just what they needed!
I hope you stay well!

Angie said...

You have certainly been filling your "free" time with some fun projects! Love the backing on the 4-patch quilt - what a unique fabric. Definitely like your additions to the current Cassandra block. I thought about poaching your idea, but have since come up with a few ideas of my own, although I have yet to even pick out fabrics or start tracing patterns! Have a safe and healthy week!

Barb said...

what wonderful gifts you have made. I love love love the animal set up! My daughter used to do those all the time. Such fun memories.
Berry's make everything better and yours look great on your blocks.
I've thought about house cleaning and I've been keeping up, but there are some areas that need a real deep clean for sure!
stay safe and healthy!

Barbara said...

You've been one busy quilter these past 10 days! Fun projects for the little ones in your life. The quilt for a veteran is perfect. And I love your star quilt with the bird in the corner and the berries you added to your applique blocks. Looking forward to seeing more of your Maine quilt :) Stay safe!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Lovely post and you've been busy making beautiful gifts. I feel bad for new parents also, including my daughter whose baby is due in June. Is it unrealistic to think this will have all passed by then? Cute library themed quilt for a librarian (not "just another baby quilt") and cute sailboat toy. And I love the habitat you made your grand son! Practical and educational! And will surely become a sentimental item as well. 4:00 am is super early but you strike me as someone with unlimited energy!