Thursday, April 30, 2020

April Monthly mini and book review

Perhaps it is good that we have had such cold and nasty weather this Spring as we have been sequestered at home. I think we are all happy to see this month end. 

My April mini comes with a book review. Pam Buda’s new book, “Vintage Treasures” is loaded with wonderful mini quilts and I highly recommend it.
Some may remember that I made each of the 12 projects in her last book, “Vintage Patchwork”. I may not make every little quilt in this one, but when I saw this,
“Olde Postage”, I knew it would be my next monthly mini. I think I will call mine, "Stamp Out Corona"!

The center squares finish at ½”. I cannot believe that Pam hand quilted hers!

I was not that patient, but I love how it came out. In order for my center to lie really flat, I gave it the book press for a few days before going on to the outer border. You can't see it, but it is under the weight of all those books! Love this method. 

Thanks Pam, for another inspiring book.

Grab a cup of tea and visit all the other mini makers. I know we have all been busy making masks and gowns, so if I have missed anyone, please let me know.

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I will leave you with my first sighting of Mayflowers. They smell so wonderful. They are a ground flower so it is harder to enjoy their scent as I age. Getting down to sniff is fine, it's the getting back up after a long hike that takes its toll! Such a wonderful and encouraging sign of Spring! 


  1. Unique way to press your center squares. Never would have thought of it. Tiny squares in that section.

  2. I adore this quilt. I've always loved postage stamp quilts although I've never attempted one. I like the design of two sizes. Clever way to press the center.
    This is just a wonderful little quilt makes me want to run upstairs and try it.
    I am not familiar with a May flower. I love tiny spring ground cover flowers. I saw a purple patch at the state park yesterday.
    Please add me for an April mini. I made it early in the month, my quarantini quilt.
    I already have a plan for May.
    Thanks for keeping us all inspired Wendy!
    Take Care

  3. That's taking PRESSING to the extreme!! LOL
    Your mini is SEW sweet! I'm a BiG fan of quilting SMALL.

  4. amazing how such a simple pattern can make a bold statement...very nice as always, wendy...

  5. sometimes I just lay a big square ruler over a piece with an antique heavy iron sitting on it - I have hand quilted through tiny pieces like that and it really isn't so hard as long as you are not trying for tiny stitches

  6. YOur little quilt is so sweet and I love your name for it!

  7. I love your Mini. Very striking. Hugs

  8. What a great little quilt, Wendy! I love the combination of the two sizes of stamps, and the use of the same white for the background stamps give it a crisp, fresh look. Your piecing is perfect! I might have to try the book press idea (do I have enough big, heavy books?) I sometimes cheat and use spray sizing.

  9. I have to laugh... I can hear you saying BOOK PRESS. ;-)
    What a ingenious way to press those pesky pieces.. of course you didn't have to make them SO small, you know!! Actually it came out great and I'm tempted to do the same thing... however, my pices have been cut at 1.25" so they'll finish at 3/4". Pretty tiny...
    Love those flowers....

  10. Such a lovely scrap mini quilt! Tiny pieces but looks fantastic so well worth the effort and the book press sounds like a great idea!

  11. Always love the scale of tiny squares - your mini quilt is a dear one and so well done - looks like another great book too. And your name for this mini is just perfect! Just had to explore your stack of quilting books - looks like mine - I see you have a treasured copy of Wearable Prints also.

  12. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all those teeny-
    tiny squares, so very many of them! Your quilt is a tiny masterpiece! Love the idea of the book press too.

  13. I've had my eye on that mini quilt of Pam B's. Yours is wonderful with those tiny center squares and how you used the same light fabric. You come up with the best names for your quilts. I'm with you about getting down and then ungracefully trying to get back up! Great books to use for pressing.

  14. An absolute winner, Wendy! I can't wait to make it myself--someday. :) Love all of those little bits of fabric finding a home in such a wonderful quilt!
    LOL I have never seen book pressing on quilts before. When my daughters and I did a lot of pressed flowers we would at times employ this method (sometimes with books and sometimes cinder blocks)before they got their flower presses.
    I don't know that I have ever smelled a Mayflower--but now I want to!

  15. Very pretty mini, Wendy! I made a mini too, and would like to join your merry mini quilters!

  16. Oh another wonderful mini. Tiny pieces and lots of breathing room with the white background - I love it! I've never heard of book pressing - genius idea. Ah signs of spring. Good to notice those little things. Thanks Wendy for the inspiration each month!

  17. Such a classic and beautiful mini lovely!
    What a clever idea to press a quilt under a pile of books!
    Thanks for the link up... love to see the minis!

  18. Mayflower, also called Trailing Arbutus, is the Massachusetts state flower! It's fairly uncommon in Massachusetts these days, probably due to habitat loss.

  19. What a wonderful April mini, Wendy! Those sure are tiny squares. I never would have thought to press them under a pile of books! I'm waiting for the Trilliums to bloom, hopefully, this weekend. Enjoyed seeing your Mayflowers!

  20. I recognize some of the quilt books you have piled on that little mini! Excellent advice on flattening a little quilt!

  21. I'm a little behind the times here but I love your April mini! OMG those pates are smaller than a dime!!!! So cute and I love the colors on white, perfect! I hope you and yours are all sheltering safe and sound! xo cw