Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sew - what have you been doing?

My days have been filled with sewing and reflecting on life. In my search for inner peace and reflection I have stayed away from the news and even from my blog time. I hope this will change as the fog begins to lift.

O.k., no more philosophic blather. Here is what I have finished this week.
Barb (Fun with Barb), made me an off hand challenge to sew along with her on her blue and cheddar strippy project. You can see her marvelous creation (here). This is my “Blue Cheese”. I made it for a friend who is undergoing chemo at the moment. It is perfect for him as with its thick wool batting it is both lightweight and warm. Also, he has a kitty (that sticks really close to him) who is the exact color of the cheddar strips. Thanks for the inspiration Barb! 
I love this backing. It is an older Kay England print. Yum!

I finished my Cassandra’sCircle , "Texas Star" block (Civil War Quilts) for April and I love it! The red background has been a cheerful pick me up when things get gloomy. And, why is it called Texas Star, you ask? Well, because the pattern has been modified by someone who likes circles better, so my center is quite different. Thanks Barbara Brackman for your inspiration! 
The great thing about the potholder method is that the back of your quilt can be fun too. Here is the fabric I used on the back of this one. Love it! 

And, I sent off my "Solidarity" block (designed by the sweet Sue Watters) to Quiltmania.
They are making quilts for healthcare workers during this time of crisis. You can read about it (and make a block to send if you wish) (here)

I hope to be a stronger blogger from now on. Stay safe and healthy and strong my friends!


  1. blue and cheddar, nothing better! and oh those blocks....real beauties wendy!

  2. Your Blue Cheese quilt turned out every bit as gorgeous as Barb's Butterscotch and Blue. It was SEW thoughtful of you to make a quilt for your friend! It is sure to be a true comfort.

  3. Love the string quilt! I'm sure your friend will find some comfort in the quilt.
    Lovely blocks!!

  4. So nice to read your post today.
    When I see blue and orange together I think of the Chicago Bears. (Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice was very strongly blue/orange/green/gold. Too much of a Bears/Packers quilt for me to donate to our Rotary golf outing so I donated it to the ALA silent auction where those team colors weren't so obvious.)

  5. Wow, look at you churning out the blue cheese. When Barb challenged me to play along, I declined. I am still working on the granddaughter quilt that kept me from joining the fun.
    Your quilt will be a welcome gift, I'm sure,
    Your Texas Star block is a very happy little piece--LOVE the fussy-cutting!
    Also very good use of fussy-cuts on the Solidarity block. I just keep saying it, you are amazing!!

  6. I like your quilt name "Blue Cheese". I immediately thought of the fragrant real cheese by that name. I eat small bits of it on salad now and then but don't care for it otherwise. But I do like your quilt. Did you have blue scraps to play with or have to cut from yardage to do the quilt?

  7. Your challenge quilt will be a delicious gift for your friend. You did a great job meeting Barb's challenge. I think many of us are trying to use bright and happy colors.

  8. Your comment about "staying away from the news" is very unsettling to me. I feel it's our duty to our families and fellow citizens to stay aware and engaged. But with that being said, your quilting projects are lovely :)

  9. Love the string quilt, its cheerfulness will brighten your friend's days while he undergoes his treatments. Your Cassandra's quilt block is a stand-alone mini quilt in my eyes, gorgeous and your applique is perfection!

  10. Your adaptation of the Texas Star pattern is wonderful! I wish I had thought of that!

  11. I love the dimples in the echo hand quilting in the Texas Star. What a nice blue cheese quilt, for a guy with a cheesy cat!

  12. yum yum YUM
    Your Blue Cheese and Cheddar turned out so great. I love this size too.
    I know it will bring comfort to your friend.
    Your Solidarity block turned out great. I love the bird in the center. too cute.