Monday, August 31, 2020

August Mini

This month’s mini is aptly named, “Pea Soup”. August on the coast of Maine is often plagued by dense fog. We’ve had many a boating day where we had to stop and listen for the bell bouy to lead us home. It seemed doubly appropriate for these days when so many of us seem to be living in a "fog". I think we are all looking forward to brighter days ahead. 

The delicious green (pea soup) background fabric is paired with some leftover 4-patches and the final pieces of one of my favorite border prints. This photo is a better representation of that wonderful pea soup green. 

 Do visit my fellow mini makers to see what August has inspired them to make.


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  1. Love it! That border print, just yum!

  2. Pea Soup is the perfect name for this new mini, the first course served at your Community Supper! The border fabric is exquisite! Hoping to sneak my mini in before the clock strikes 12. Binding awaits.

  3. Pea soup ... I love it! Sounds like a welcoming meal after a day out on the foggy sea, Wendy. The soup green calms all those bright colors, too, making for a lovely, well balanced little quilt. Nice job!

  4. What a great job on your August mini, Wendy! Love that green but the border??
    YOWZERS!! I don't think I've seen that before. FABULOUS job.
    And yes, I feel like I've been in a fog for almost 6 months now!!
    Glad you and Gordon were able to find your way back home...

  5. I love it! Just an awesome mini!

  6. Community Supper turned out so wonderful...what an achievement. I also love this Pea Soup with that beautiful shade of green. How do you manage to always pair the exactly right colours and fabrics. You have a gift!

  7. Oh, I love that color green! What a delightful quilt. And that border fabric is wonderful. I always seem to miss those. I can't imagine being out in a boat, in the ocean, and being able to see where you're going and listening for the fig horns. Very scary!

  8. Pea soup has never looked so good, Wendy! Simple 4-patches, an unusual background color and a killer border fabric add up to fabulous!!
    Really trying to get my mini posted before midnight--binding it this evening.

  9. What a delight! The colors you have picked out for this just sparkle.

  10. just love your Pea Soup! And that border! Oh my! Can you share more about it?

  11. Wow, that green really does look like pea soup but it creates a perfect contrast for the 4-patches and that fantastic border! Yes, it feels like we're living in a fog, too. So glad you found your way :)

  12. You know - working on the mini's really can help me In dealing with very scrappy quilts! Great quilt!

  13. That is so beautiful! I wouldn't have thought of pea soup to be a good color for a quilt, but I do have a quilt where a murky green was the best choice. It took forever for me to even try the green, but as soon as I saw it with the other fabric, I knew it was the right one. Your pea soup green is pretty though, and looks wonderful in the quilt. I especially like the border fabric.

  14. The green is perfect for the rich scrappy four patches. Another beautiful quilt. Summer in Maine.... even with fog... sounds so good to me! Thank you for getting us all together to share our minis. I really appreciate the rhythm this year of making minis on a regular basis - and it's really fun to see everyone's each month - thank you Wendy!

  15. Great close-up of the pea soup green - it's a lovely color! And the border fabric is drool-worthy! Who says reproduction fabrics are drab and boring?!

  16. perfect name for this perfect little mini!
    I can see the fog and hear the clanging of the bouy.
    I love all those tiny 4 patches. What a great border print. The scale is just right to make this look like a real mini.

  17. What a lovely border print on your 'pea soup' mini!
    All of life seems to be a murky pea soup these days! LOL

  18. From the opposite coast, soon after we were married, many years ago, we were fishing in Puget Sound and it was a very foggy day. We had rented a dingy and were not too far off shore. We could hear the waves lapping on shore and the nearby light house. Some larger boat came up to us and asked where is shore, we pointed, they zoomed in then put on their brakes... how you do that with a boat I'm not sure. It was not as far as they thought! What a cute mini! Love it, will have to make one similar, too. Just had to share my story.

  19. Terrific mini!! That border fabric is beautiful!
    My in laws had stories of the same being out on the Oregon coast.

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