Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Monthly Mini

September is a busy month in the boatyard. It is hard to believe that we have already begun decommissioning boats to be hauled out for the winter. There are still a few who, like me, realize that September offers some of the best cruising of the year. I just love watching boats sail in through the gut just before sunset. 

This month’s (very simple) mini, “September Sunset” reminds me of the wonderful colors on the horizon this time of year.

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  1. I love mimis, and really love this one!

  2. Simple maybe, simply stunning would be my word for this little mini! That alternate stripey fabric is totally luscious, bringing back memories of the grape harvest in Oregon and driving through the small town where huge crates of ripe grapes were being delivered to the local winery in the early dawn hours. The aroma of those grapes will remain with me always. Thanks for the sweet memory your little quilt brought back this morning.

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  3. The border print in your mini is a good one. I don't remember seeing that fabric anywhere. You did a good job of picking up the colors from it in the rest of your quilt.
    Does not seem possible that fall is here and people finishing up summer activities. Summer seemed to drag but yet fly by. Hard to explain what I mean.

  4. One day I hope to see your stash in real life, Wendy. I want to observe for myself the magical place from which you pull all the incredible striped prints you put to such good use in your quilts. You have another stunner here. And you are the master of unexpected color! I would never have thought of the soft yellow, but it plays so well here. Such a delightful mini!
    This year has gone by in a blur--is summer really gone?

  5. Your mini is so nice and a great use of that gorgeous border print. Very special to be reminded of the beautiful September skies. Thanks for bringing us all together Wendy!

  6. So pretty, Wendy! Wow! You must have beautiful sunsets! Great use of fabric, and very original, as usual. Love it!

  7. Very pretty Wendy! Luscious border print!

  8. What a super fun mini quilt! I love it!

  9. Oh I am getting inspired! Can you tell me more about this monthly mini thingy? How does that work?

  10. Your mini is perfect for September. You've got the best fabrics, Wendy! I love the print you used for the strips. What a luscious color!

  11. WOW! I need to get my September mini done! LOVE yours and that border fabric is fabulous!! Thanks for the motivation!
    I'll bet boating in September is fabulous...
    I'm guessing that Gordon wouldn't have to be coaxed, either!!

  12. It's perfect! Love that sashing strip fabric!

  13. What beautiful colors to represent a September sunset. The sashing fabric really ties it all together.

  14. Lovely Quilt and I agree with you so much - September and October have beautiful late day light.
    Who doesn't love a simple four patch? Great border fabric!
    I hang my head in shame as I don't have a mini to offer for Sept. Maybe next month.

  15. What a beautiful little quilt, now, of course, I have a SQUIRREL moment... AGGGGHHHH!

  16. I enjoyed getting caught up with all of the Mini quilters this AM. They are all so creative! take care!

  17. Beautiful quilt, Wendy. That purple fabric is exquisite!
    What do you do at the boatyard? Do you own a boat and sail, yourself?

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