Monday, May 10, 2021

Humble Quilts Doll Swap


I participated in Lori’s (Humble Quilts) doll quilt swap again this year and was the lucky recipient of this little gem from Debra Rammelsberg.

She definitely made it expressly for me because she used the potholder method to put these precious little baskets together. Amazing!

Spot on Deb, I adore it! She wrapped it in this gorgeous print and included these sweet little snips.

I’m a happy camper!

 This is the quilt I made for Pam Losely.

I made it with the blues and pinks in Barbara Brackman’s “Ladies Legacy” line. I had never used a jelly roll before and was amazed at how much fabric is in them. This was the 3
rd quilt I made from one roll!

 Thanks for hosting another great swap Lori!



  1. They're both beauties! What fun to receive a potholder quilt!

  2. Both are wonderful! How cool to have your partner make your quilt using the potholder method! It makes it even extra special!

  3. Super sweet mini quilts, Wendy, both given and received!!

  4. I think that is great that you received a potholder quilt. How thoughtful of Debra.
    I am really drawn to your blue/pink creation. I'll have to give that color scheme a whirl sometime.

  5. The basket quilt you received is wonderful. Tiny little masterpieces. And your tiny 4 patches are very sweet in the pink and blue combo.

  6. Beautiful quilts and beautiful swap, as always !

  7. Both are darling little quilts! Great job, ladies!

  8. Beautiful minis..... What a lovely swap.....

  9. Both quilts are sweet as can be. Yours with the pink/blue has a vintage 80's look to me - so cute.

  10. Both quilts are very cute. I'm curious as to how you got the Ladies' Legacy line already. I've been on "hold" for months now.

  11. What a perfect little potholder quilt made just for you--a lovely gesture from your swap partner :) Your pink/blue 4-patch is the sweetest!

  12. very nice indeed...i didn't join this year and turns out that was the right decision...

  13. I think you both scored on Lori's doll quilt swap. I love the baskets and I also love the 4-patches.
    NICE job, Wendy!!

  14. what a great swap ! Love both little quilts

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