Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November Monthly Mini


This month’s mini reminds me of how lucky I am to have such wonderful quilting friends. Whenever I get frustrated with what is happening in this crazy world, I try to remember how fortunate I am to have not only my “in person” friends, but those who live in faraway places who I am in touch with through the wonders of modern technology. For this reason, I have decided to call it "Grateful". 

 When Janet O. (Rogue Quilts) announced her “baggie of scraps” challenge (here) I knew I wanted to do it right away! I pawed through my “many” boxes of leftovers from other quilt projects and tried to decide which to choose. I ended up with this container (an empty Betsy Chutchian “Frivol” box) full of half square triangles from a one of my past community quilts. 

 I played with the layout for a while, but decided on this simple square in a square look in the end. I love the Betsy Chutchian purple stripe on the right, but I have wanted to use the serpentine stripe ever since I bought it and just haven’t found the right project for it until now. I thought about mitering the corners, but I had the extra pink blocks, so it was a good excuse to go with my standard corner blocks! 

 My eye is always drawn to dark fabrics and colors, so it is unusual for me to have such a light quilt. I machine quilted straight lines in the body and simply followed the serpentine (yes – with my “machine”) in the border. 

I want to thank you Janet, for the opportunity to try something new! I know quite a few of you have taken Janet’s challenge as well, so click away and see what our fellow mini makers have discovered this month!

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  1. The mini challenge is in full swing. I love seeing what everyone has done. You found the right box of scraps. With all those hst's it didn't take long to decide what to do. The serpentine border is perfect in contrast to the straight lines of the center. I'm also very grateful for quilting friends for their encouragement, motivation and inspiration.

  2. adorable little quilt...hmm i think i have some of that serpentine as well...

  3. Perfect mini! Everything is just right, from the HST's leading to the square in a square and the serpentine border. Thanks for hosting the monthly minis! I've had a lot of fun with mine :).

  4. This is so stinkin' sweet, Wendy! Thank you for participating in the challenge. I am humbled by all the wonderful little "baggie" quilts--and I haven't even made mine yet. Next month, because this month's mini is still in the works. Hope to get it done tonight.
    I noticed right off that this was different from your usual, but couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned the fact that it is unusual for you to do such a light quilt. So true--unless you are using yellow as your neutral. ;)

  5. I'm back this month because of Janet's challenge:

  6. Grateful is a wonderful name for this sweet little quilt. I’m very grateful for quilting friends near and far as well. The border stripe is just perfect for this project!

  7. what a wonderful quilt for November. OH no! I did not make a little quilt this month friend.
    I love that serpentine fabric along the border.
    It was a great baggie challenge! What a sweet little doll quilt.

  8. This is so beautiful - love the border fabric!

  9. This is so pretty and a breath of fresh air, so sweet. I love your serpentine border! I too am grateful for quilting friends!

  10. Oh Wendy, that is super! I love how you set your scrappy triangle squares, and the border really makes it! This is going to be one of my favorites ever.

  11. This is delightful. I love the border, it dresses it up and makes it more than it would otherwise be. The soft colors are very pleasing. I'm grateful for the online community of quilters. I have learned so much and the people and lives they share make me a better person.

  12. What a beauty, Wendy. That border just sets off the whole quilt!

  13. Super darling and I love that serpentine print!

  14. What a beautiful quilt! I love pink and have that same serpentine border print. It was in my stash a long time but I finally found the perfect quilt for it.

    1. I saw that gorgeous quilt on the Tacoma blog but I couldn't comment on that post for some reason. I adore yours!

  15. Wonderful sentiment and great mini quilt result! I love that serpentine stripe - good call!

  16. What a wonderful mini, Wendy! Always love your style with borders and corner blocks. That serpentine fabric is luscious and perfect for your little quilt. So glad Janet came up with this challenge! It was so much fun!

  17. Such a sweet quilt! Love the serpentine border and what a great excuse to use up those leftovers!

  18. A lovely finish, I especially love the serpentine fabric, really gives a kick.

  19. The serpentine fabric is a great choice of fabric !!
    Ohhh what a beautiful mini !

  20. Oh that one is so pretty Wendy......I have some of that pink border still in sure..... Might need to think how in going to use it.......