Monday, October 9, 2023

Oh where or where has my little blog gone?

 I believe that my lack of blog posts recently is due to the fact that I have done so much this past summer, I just don't know where to begin! So... I'm going to begin with a quick post of a few great visits. 

In September, my friend Janet (RogueQuilter) and her husband took a cruise. One of the scheduled stops was Bar Harbor, Maine. The last time they came to Maine, our husbands met and really hit it off, so we were both excited at the thought of meeting them for lunch. We had a super time catching up. It went by way too quickly, but was well worth the trip! 


 At our "Seven Sistahs" monthly get together we decided to cut back on the food. As you can see by the "spread" we all forgot or simply ignored our decision. There is always too much food, but oh so much fun!! 

At our previous meeting, Karen M. brought a number of goodies from her Aunt Marsha. One of them was this unfinished block. We decided to do a round robin and them donate the finished quilt in the end. Fotini did the first border.

I added the blue 4-patches. 

Also in September, this exciting news - Barb Vedder (FunWithBarb) was featured in Quiltmania. 

Cecile Denis did a wonderful job writing the article and the photographs are just beautiful! Barb also designed this fabulous quilt and her pattern is included in this issue (#157). 

I highly recommend subscribing to this publication. I know people say that it is expensive (what isn't??), but it truly is worth every penny. 

Over the weekend I had a visit from someone I have been wanting to meet in person for years!! Linda Collins (Quilts in the Barn) and her friends, Brenda and Liz came all the way from Australia just to visit me! 😂😂  Actually, they are here on a two week vacation after which Linda will be the guest star in a two week tour (America's Heart Tour). I was so thrilled that they were able to visit my little corner of Maine! 


That's it for now. Hopefully, I wont lose momentum and will post a few things I've been working on soon!


  1. Well you sure have been having a fun time! Love to see all those get togethers with guilty friends! You are such a generous hostess and I bet they loved seeing all your fabulous quils.
    Thanks for the mention of the QM article

    1. We did have fun. It was so great to finally meet her in person. Felt kind of like internet dating for so many years! LOL

  2. Sounds like some lovely times spent with friends. I think Maine is beautiful, though I've been there only once. That was in 1970 when I attended a French language immersion school (Ecole Arcadie) on the Bar Harbor coast. It was the first time this Iowa girl had ever eaten lobster, and boy-o, was it good! My friend who accompanied me to the restaurant made sure I learned to eat lobster properly, wearing a bib and using lobster crackers. Best seafood I've ever eaten! But I digress... Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your world.

  3. Looks like we chose the same photo of us for our posts, Wendy. Made me smile.
    You have had a very busy social life lately--who has time to quilt with all that visiting going on?
    I like the "Sistah's" idea for the Round Robin. Looks really good so far.
    I have that issue of Quiltmania on order. I really do need to subscribe.
    How exciting that Linda and her friends came to see you!

    1. It is a great photo! I have never had a selfie come out properly so I am happy you took the picture!! We did have fun with Linda and her friends. Hope you are settling nicely into Fall! Hugs!

  4. You have been so busy, no doubt enjoying every minute. The last photo is the best, looks so warm and cozy and inviting.

  5. After your year or so of illness it's so wonderful to see you out and about with friends and to see you quilting again. I'm so glad you're healthy again!

  6. You've had some wonderful opportunities! I love meeting quilty friends- including YOU!

  7. Almost as much fun as quilting is meeting friends from near and far that also love to quilt!
    I found your blog and loved reading it and just wanted to say that I love the State of Maine! Have been visiting twice from the Netherlands and hoping to return one day!