Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sharing the joy!

I know I have ranted about expressed this before in a post, but I think it bears repeating. Why do we enter quilt shows? I know it is nice to be recognized with a shiny new ribbon, but I can truly say that I enter my quilts to share my joy with other people. I love to stand by a quilt and its maker and listen to the stories.

It makes me so sad when I hear a friend say “oh I would never enter my quilt, it isn’t good enough”. I go to shows to see all kinds of quilts. The good, the bad and – the funny!

I’m reminding you all of this in the wake of the fabulous Vermont Quilt Festival (that I SADLY missed) because for the second year in a row, I missed a blue ribbon by 1 point. Now if I entered my quilts to win ribbons, I might have been discouraged by this – wink!

Please check out other blogging friends who entered their quilts to share the joy and came home with ribbons anyway!

Cynthia (Wabi-Sabi Quilts) won a third place for her FIRST entry in VT. Woohoo! Barb (Fun With Barb) won a blue ribbon and Best Hand Quilted award! Gladi (GladiQuilts) won a red ribbon and Judges Choice from Gerald Roy. I wish I had seen them all in person!

Thanks to all my blogging buddies for sharing the joy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am one of those guilty of the "I don't enter shows" mentality. But I am thrilled for those of you that enter and win the ribbons. : )

  2. Enjoyed your post today. I guess I should be more confident and share the joy with others. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I've only entered anything beyond a local show once! Kudos to you! I saw your Burning Leaves quilt on Fun with Barb's blog. It's beautiful but the description made me LOL! You must be my long lost sister, I burn everything as well! Haha!

  4. Great post Wendy - I always say if you love seeing quilts in show, join in and show your work. Yay! you know the quilter who won GR ribbon, off to check out her blog. What an honor for her!!
    Also - the judging must be really fair with the averaging, so many people miss by 1 point!

  5. I agree with you...and what a pleasure to discover friends'quilts rewarded ! And what an honour....
    Bravo Wendy !

  6. I love your attitude and thanks for sharing it!!! There were SO many beautiful and interesting quilts to see.

  7. I so enjoy seeing pictures from the show. And always good to know a blog buddy has won a ribbon.
    Your quilts are an inspiration to me whether they win a blue ribbon or not. I know the competition is very stiff at the Vermont quilt show.

  8. Hi Wendy, Congratulations on winning a ribbon for your quilt! It's beautiful, and we love the colors.
    Your point is well-taken : It is important to enter a quilt into a show in order to share your joy with other people. A quilt that may be thought of by the maker as "not good enough" may bring real joy and inspiration to other viewers.
    Congratuations, and happiness, from Marina and Daryl :-)

  9. What a great post! It's totally about sharing the joy!! I think of it as contributing to the community. If we don't enter quilts there won't be quilt shows. Prizes are just a cherry on top.

  10. Bummer to have missed a ribbon by one point, but I'm glad you shared it! If nobody entered, we wouldn't have any quilt shows!!