Monday, February 20, 2017

Book Review(s)

I have acquired a few new books this year (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any more but…) and I wanted to share my 3 favorites with you.

1) – Treasury of Quilts by Betsy Chutchian
I have every one of Betsy’s books and each time I get a new one it becomes my current favorite! This one is no exception. The patterns are easy to follow (even for someone like me who can’t follow a pattern without changing it) and the photographs are beautiful. I want to make every quilt in this book!

Debra (Life’s a Stitch) is already making my favorite one, the “42 Cent Forever Stamp”. Look at this stack of delicious fabrics! Can’t wait to get one started. Thanks for the inspiration Debra!

If you can’t find it at your local quilt shop (to help keep them in business), you can get it directly from Martingale (here).

2) – Little Handful of Scraps by Edyta Sitar 

I think I am going to be very busy in the coming year because not only do I want to make all the quilts in Betsy’s book, I want to make all of these little gems as well. This book is just full of little treasures.

Cyndi at Busy Thimble made this little top from the book. I love it!
 I highly recommend it to anyone who likes vintage quilts and/or small quilts.

3) – Feed Sacks by Linzee Kull McCray

I have every feedsack book published in the last 20 years and I do love them all, but this is (currently) my favorite. It is chock full of the most fabulous photos of feedsack prints I have ever seen. Linzee is a wonderful writer and it is a joy to read. She has packed the pages with an amazing amount of information on vintage feedsack manufacturers.

It is published by Uppercase magazine and available (here).

Hope you all find some time to drool over your favorite books too!


  1. Those first two books have been tempting me, but I have been trying to resist. Thanks for making it harder. : )
    Cyndi's little quilt adds to the temptation. I need to get out of here.

  2. they look like wonderful bookshelf is full and i too will have to pass....can't wait to see what you make!

  3. I was not aware of the "Little Handfuls of Scraps" book. Looks interesting.

  4. Thanks for reviewing these books for us. They are all so very tempting.

  5. Thanks for sharing your latest favorite books! All look wonderful. Edyta's is on my list :)

  6. Wonderful book shares, thanks for giving us a review of each of them. They all look wonderful.

  7. They look wonderful. And you are enabling my otherwise very uncontrolled addiction to new books!!! THANKS!

  8. Edyta's book has been tempting me. Although so has Betsy's

  9. Edyta's book has been tempting me. Although so has Betsy's

  10. Wendy, these books look like so much fun! What a wonderful selection.🙂 Thank you, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  11. Thanks for the book reviews. I'm going to NJ for the Quilt Fest next week, so I'll check them out.
    How is that feed sack circle quilt? I miss seeing it.