Monday, February 27, 2017

Projects, Projects, Projects……

I love reading about the projects you are currently working on and watching as the quilts come to life. Some of you are working toward finishing “17 in 2017”. Others are determined to make quilts from their present stash without acquiring any new fabric in 2017 (I disqualified myself from this one on January 2nd!).

I literally quilt every day. And although I'm away from my house for over 9 hours a day, it seems like I should have more to show for my efforts. So, I decided to once again count the projects I am currently working on. I found that I have 9 quilts underway that I have in hand on a daily or at least weekly basis. And, my “list to make” includes 35 (yes 35!) more. I find myself looking at the list on a Saturday morning and feeling so overwhelmed that I just have to start an entirely new quilt. So, I made a new “header” on my “make it” list that states “I need to retire so I can quilt full time”!

Bla, bla, bla… so here is what I worked on over the weekend.

Our statewide quilt guild hosts a very fine quilt show every year in July. (read all about it on our website ). This year will be our 40th anniversary. Founding members, Patricia Libby and Virginia Morrell are hosting a special invitation exhibition of 40 quilts from 20 members. They graciously invited me (Cyndi Black – Busy Thimble, is also a participant) to join in the fun.

The rules are that each of us will make two quilts 24” square. The first will be a solid red and white (fabric provided) quilt from a Ruby McKim pattern. It has to utilize 4 10” blocks and a 2” border. 

The second quilt must contain the chosen block in some form, but we are to use our creativity and to make something unique. I won’t show that one here until after July so I won’t spoil the “reveal” at the show. But since the first one is pretty cut and dried, I can show you my progress.

I cut away the excess on the back so it will be easier to hand quilt around the inner blossom. I didn’t back baste this one even the finest pencil line showed through to the front of this “champagne” colored background fabric.

One of my first quilt books (Christmas 1971 – yikes!) was One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns by Ruby McKim. So, of course I was thrilled to be chosen to be part of this group.

I guess because so much of my work is by hand, I am more “process” than “project”! Not complaining really as it does keep me sane (well, almost).

Hope you get lots of stitching time this week.


  1. Sounds like a very fun challenge for you--and a great idea for a display! An honor (a well-deserved one) for you and Cyndi to be selected to participate.
    Your applique work looks really beautiful!
    (I am not employed outside the home and I sometimes go a week or two without quilting--how do you manage it?)

  2. Great challenge for you and Cyndi. I love your hand work.
    I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. I like your attitude of being so overwhelmed that you just had to start a new quilt. That's me too!
    Who doesn't like a red and white quilt! The creative challenge sounds very interesting and will wait with bated breath for the reveal later this year.

  4. what a neat way to celebrate 40 years at the show. When are dates? I want to come if possible.
    Love the red and white flower block and your stitching is fabuloso as usual.
    I love that the second quilt will be a uniquely your own design.
    I'm hoping to get in lots of stitching this week too :)

  5. That is a gorgeous block and it sounds like such a fun challenge!!

  6. This is a beautiful block! :)

    Most of my projects are by hand as well and I often feel quite slow when I view others whipping up new pieced quilts on a regular basis and either longarm quilting those themselves or sending them off for quick finishes. That's all fine as long as I don't compare myself which is hard to do sometimes :)

  7. Such an honor for you and Cyndi! I really like the block you chose for your challenge. It will be interesting to see what you do for the second quilt. Will it be red and white too, or can you choose your own fabric? I don't even want to look at my list.

  8. Your red and white block is so striking--love it! I have the same experience--I sew every day, but don't seem to make much progress on my piles of UFO's--maybe because I get sidetracked easily--lol!

  9. Okay, I'm like you I'm also disqualified from being a true stashbuster this year, I've got a long list of "I really want to make this", I sew everyday, and Ruby McKim's book was my first quilt book that I poured through. Both projects you're working on for the show will be wonderful and the show will have two awesome displays.

  10. How great that you were chosen for the quilt show. Your red and white block is beautiful. Don't you just hope and pray that the red doesn't bleed when you wash the quilt? (I always think of that when I see red and white together.) Will your four blocks for this red and white quilt be the same? Looking forward to the second quilt for the show -- after the show, of course.

  11. I know your little quilts for the invitational will be fantastic! Love the idea of using a Ruby McKim pattern and red and white is so appealing :) Beautiful block!

  12. What fun to see your great-looking Ruby McKim block! I look forward to seeing both projects revealed. I'm with you, wishing for retirement so I could sew all day!

  13. Oh Wendy, I'm not surprised that you and Cyndi were selected for this challenge ! Your appliqué is PERFECT !

  14. can't go wrong with red and white....beautiful and no doubt expertly executed as well...congrats to you and cyndi...i agree, no surprise there...

  15. Such a beautiful block you've chosen for your Red & White quilt for the show. Congratulations on being chosen to participate, your work is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing both projects in the future.