Wednesday, March 1, 2017

And the winner is...

Rebecca in Alaska (Quilting Everyday) is the Lucky winner of the 2 ½” strips. Have fun with them!

I love doing give-a-ways because of all the comments it generates. I enjoyed reading about what you would do with the strips. It seems that most of my readers enjoy making scrap quilts.

My favorite comment comes from Lori: “What would I make with them? A quilt silly! Seriously, I would mix them in with my repros. If there were any duplicates, I’d mix them in with strips I’d cut from my own fabrics to do a follow-on giveaway. Then I might ask whoever wins my giveaway to put in some of their strips and do their own giveaway. Make sense? Kind of like a sourdough starter…”

I love it! I think I will call my next scrap quilt “Sourdough”! I think as quilters we all like to “pay it forward”. So, I am going to send Lori a consolation prize for such a great comment.

Thanks for all your comments and happy quilting.


  1. Congrats to Rebecca--she has been lucky lately. She recently won my giveaway. Good for her!! : )
    I really like Lori's idea. What fun!

  2. Congratulations to Rebecca !!! :)

  3. congrats to rebecca! great idea Lori!

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