Monday, February 19, 2018

The Evolution of February's mini quilt

Warning, short month - long story.

It’s ironic that February is the shortest month because I spent more time on this little quilt than any other mini quilt I have made!
While on a really fun trip with 4 of my seven quilting sisters I found this “frog” green fabric at Quintessentials in Auburn, Maine. 
Kathy said it really looked like me and since she is always right, I bought a yard. We were planning a bus trip to the shop again in 2 weeks and I decided to use this in my February mini so I could show the girls (and Betsy, the shop owner) what I did with it. 

I thought I would cheat a bit by using some hexie blocks that were already pieced. I have over 100 just sitting around waiting to be used so, why not? 
I love strippy quilts making the idea for the design and easy one. However, by not using one of those measuring things (you know – a ruler!), I mentally calculated the width of my strips and figured 4 hexies in each strip would suffice.
Yes, it probably would have had I actually measured it! So, by now you are getting the picture. Luckily I had cut the background large enough to add an extra hexagon on each strip. 
I had picked out this fabulous fabric from the Mechant’s Wife line by Terry Clothier Thompson. It was a wonderful line of fabrics based on a c1840 antique quilt top she found in Maine.
Realizing that now would be a good time to pick up a ruler, I carefully cut each strip making sure that some of the green was still evident. 
I hand appliqued the hexies to the background and pieced the strips together. I split a piece of Dream Wool in half and used a fabulous pillar print from Di Ford on the back. I have to say that Di Ford’s fabrics are to die for (no pun intended!). 

I even had enough of it to match the triangle corners for hanging.
 After I hand quilted the hexie strips I decided that the proportion was just not right. It really needed to be wider.
So… out comes the ruler again and I made 40 little 1” finished half square triangle to add to either side.
It was lucky (since it surely wasn’t planned) that the backing piece was large enough to accommodate the added width.

Because I wanted to finish this before the bus trip I decided to machine quilt the alternate strip and the half squares triangles.
While auditioning fabrics for the binding, I felt that the white outline on the Merchant’s Wife fabric was a bit too stark. I thought about dying the entire thing, a  risky maneuver! I experimented with coffee and with Rit beige dye. 
But, since the entire project began with this delicious bright green, I really didn’t want to dampen it. I thought about filling in the white edges with a gold-ish Pigma pen. Ah, nope, I’m calling it good enough!

I am happy to say that Kyle (Timeless Reflections), Barbara (Quilts Gravestones and Elusive Ancestors)  and Janet (Rogue Quilter) have joined in the fun. Visit Kyle’s post (here) and Barbara’s post (here).  And, see Janet's post (here) for her January quilt and a wonderful tutorial on mini quilts! I am really looking forward to round two!

I will work on figuring out how to link up by the end of next month so if any of you want to join us you can jump right in!

Have a great day!


  1. That green, those hexies and Di’s pillar print! A winning combination and beautifully done.

  2. This little quilt is beyond words, simply fabulous. Those fabrics are so perfect!

  3. Just love this mini quilt--using up those little hexie rosettes like that is pretty great job hugs, Julierose

  4. Love it and love the story of how it evolved. Did you know 5 hexies are better anyway since graphic designers prefer odd numbers for balance? Quilts have a mind of their own and this one knew what it wanted to be.

    1. Yes, of course that is exactly why I did it, wink!!

  5. I love hearing your story. Your mini is wonderful and the fabrics you chose make it truly charming. It would be great to have a stack of hexies just waiting to find a quilt. Have fun on your next field trip. February is a short month. I'll be drifting into March for a finish.

  6. A great quilt evolution story for a equally great mini challenge quilt. You used the Merchant's Wife fabric so well --- oohh, those little HSTs! Well done for giving the quilt what it wanted and being able to use your hexie stash.

  7. What an adventure this quilt was, Wendy! Thanks for sharing it with us. I never have success without a ruler and sometime not even with one. I really like the addition of the flower strips.

  8. Wow--this was a complex assembly, but what a beauty! Incredible job, Wendy!
    I am following along with you on the mini a month. My January mini was the feathered star swap quilt. I really need to get hopping on a February quilt!

    1. I'm editing this post to add your link. I am so excited to have you in this!! I will try to get over being intimidated by the master! I can't wait to see what February brings. And, NO pressure. As I told Kyle, February, March, whatever works!

  9. Oh my God !! You've done an incredible work on this mini Wendy and it is awesome ! Congratulations for the triangles corners on the back with this beautiful fabric !!

  10. So cute! I love the green behind the hexies, and the alternate strip fabric is just beautiful. I think the white looks fine--with the lighter green & layer of applique-- some dimension.

  11. Cute little mini! Well worth the time.

  12. I love, love, love your quilt, Wendy! It's fabulous! Never would have thought of using those fabrics and colors together but they worked perfectly. I'd say this month's little quilt was a huge success!

  13. Just LOVE what you put together and I must admit that I am quite tempted to join in the fun on the mini a month, especially since there are no minimums as far as size is concerned!
    I love how your put it together; and the DiFord on the back is fabulous! I will admit that I am not quite so compulsive as to try to get the corners for the hanging device to match so don't expect to find that detail in MINE!!
    I'll keep you posted on what I come up with. Do I need to catch up and make something for January??? ;-)
    Thanks, Wendy, for the motivation!!

  14. Such a lovely quilt! Great use of your hexies. I have a few of those hiding out somewhere.

  15. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing