Friday, February 2, 2018

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

The quilt, not the movie (although I love both). Some of you remember my fateful “Dear Jane” saga with her wavy borders. If not and you are a gluten for punishment you can read about it (here) . 
Both “Half Baked Jane” 

 and Jane’s Leftovers” 

have been lying around collecting dust for months. My friend, Laurie LaBar (Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts at the Maine State Museum), came by a few weeks ago to look at some of my quilts for the possible inclusion in an upcoming exhibition. She liked “Half Baked Jane” for a number of reasons (visually and culturally) and made the comment, “it’s too bad it doesn’t have a border on it”.

Laurie is one of the sweetest people I know and she would never have said this if it wasn’t true! I realized the quilt really looked “naked”. So, here is her new suit of clothes.
 I promise there will be no more alterations! 
Oh, and Laurie decided (and quite rightly so) that it should now be called 
“Twice Baked Jane”!


  1. YAY for you getting it finished. Mine has been nearly done for YEARS and it's still not a quilt. I had a longarmer baste it as I thought I'd hand quilt it. Not happening. And as I recall, I didn't like the sashing so it may never get finished as that would require TONS of ripping...sigh.

  2. Baby Jane doesn't seem so half baked to me, but a colorful delicious meal. Adding that border seems to frame all those wonderful blocks. I remember seeing the movie about Baby Jane. It was one of the creepiest movies. Your baby Jane is far from that!

  3. We are dating ourselves by our recollection of the movie!! ;-)
    I love your Dear Jane (baked once or twice, no matter). Did you do that with the potholder method?? And I love the border. I've yet to tackle a scalloped edge on a quilt. So is your quilt going to be in their exhibit?? You could fill an entire exhibit if you took the quilts off your spare bed!!

  4. What a journey you have been on with this quilt--now x2! You know, I think I like your border better than the original, but I cannot wrap my brain around how you put on a potholder border!
    BTW, I never liked creepy movies (big wimp here), so all I really know about that one is that I didn't see it.

  5. Your borders look really nice. How did you do exactly?
    do you have any process photos? the new border frames it beautifully! congrats.

  6. Beautiful quilt!!! Long hours put into this project!

  7. How did you do those new borders? They look really complicated to me but the end result is wonderful! So glad your Jane journey has finally come to an end :) Great job!

  8. The magic of the method... take off, add on ... so flexible.
    As are you! I liked all the versions.

  9. I still like the 'Half Baked Jane', but quilts do evolve. Isn't it great to have a friend that can so boldly clarify what a quilt needs? It stings for a second and then it all makes perfect sense. lol Your Jane looks very gussied up with the border now. Great finish!

  10. "Twice Baked Jane". Clever name. The border does add the finishing touch. Like icing on the cake. Tastes better that way.

  11. Way to get it done! Great name! Mine is called a decade with Jane, cause it took me so long to hand quilt!