Monday, November 30, 2020

November Mini

 My November mini, “Madders of My Heart” utilizes some of my favorite reproduction “madder” fabrics. I don’t wear brown, but I surely love it in nature and in antique quilts. 

I used this beautiful stripe as my sashing.

Visit my fellow “Mad Mini Makers” to see what to see their November creations.

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 And, I discovered something silly, but interesting over the weekend. I got a new phone recently and there are so many more emoji’s than my old phone I was sure I would be able to find a quilting one. I could not believe the obscure images I found and not one even close to being quilt related. Being from Maine, I love curling as much as the next person, but I cannot believe I found a curling stone and not one image of even a needle and thread! Are there really more curlers in the world than quilters?

Enjoy the day!


  1. Darling mini! I LOVE madders!!

  2. LOVE your mini and the Xs make me think of the Xs as in XOXO. That's funny about the emojis. No one in the emoji department has a grandma or auntie who quilts? No one? ;).

  3. Your minis never fail to inspire and this one is no exception! Sashing and border fabrics are just perfect.

  4. Your Madders of the Heart is stunning. You chose the best border and sashing fabrics. Come on, Emoji people!

  5. Oh, madders matter! That red-brown is very appealing. I've seen that block with several names and it's calling to me!

  6. Lovely Madder prints...and wonderful mini...nice work on this one hugs from far away Julierose

  7. Oh I had to crack up at your comment about the curling emoji's and none for quilting?!? How can that be! HA ha! Your mini is stunning, and I just love the madders! I've been in a bit of a madder mood myself... (see my post)

  8. I love your mini!! Great choices of fabrics and great design. Wow!

  9. Great job on the mini!! I love it!
    I need to get going on mine...
    Thanks for the reminder!
    I think you're doing great with your new phone.
    Zooming and everything !! ;-))

  10. Creative name for your mini quilt! I can't wear brown either but loe it in quilts.

  11. Oh, Wendy, what can I say? This is a block I have intended to use for a mini quilt for some time now, but have yet to follow through. Now I don't know if I will even try. You have nailed it with the block, the colors, the sashing, the border. I am in awe. Love, love, love it.
    So where do you call or text to complain about this major oversight in the emoji department??

  12. Beautiful mini! Off to check out the others...

  13. Lovely little quilt. The colors are so satisfying and the sashing is perfect. Making a mini is always in the back of my mind as each month I see what everyone is doing.

  14. Fabulous mini, Wendy! I just love the fabrics you used, especially for the sashing and border :) Too funny! You need to contact the emoji guru, lol!

  15. I have failed you, dear leader, as didn't have a November mini. I'm old un-reliable,lol.
    Glad to help you find sewing emojis......
    Your Madder mini is a winner. Love this pattern.

  16. Be still my heart - a madder paisley border - all of it is lovely!

  17. Stunning! I am tempted to try and make one. How large are they? What do you use them for?

  18. LOVE the Madder quilt!! Fabrics, block pattern AND that eye-catching sashing!!