Sunday, February 28, 2021

February Monthly mini


Fabric printer sheets are expensive! When I printed out the center message for January’s mini, I needed another quote at the bottom of the page so as not to waste the whole sheet. That led to this month’s message. 

 I believe the events of 2020 helped me to remember to be a little more patient, and kind when under stress.

 This little mini also stands as a reminder to be kind to bees. We owe a lot to our winged friends and they need to be supported. There has been a rapid decline in honeybee population due to the overuse of forever chemicals. Without these pollinators, there would be no food, so perhaps this year we could give them a helping hand. One of the easiest things we can do is to leave our dandelions on the lawn until they go by. These yellow beauties are often their earliest source of food in the Spring.

 Hope you all get some stitching time in this month and most of all, “Bee Happy!”

 I set this post on automatic pilot to post on Sunday. Since I'm going to be unplugged that day, I've rounded up all the usual suspects and linked to their home page, so you may have to scroll (and have a bit of fun) to find the mini. I'm happy to say there are a few new mini makers this month. What fun!

 I'll be back online on Monday so jump in if you like and be sure to let me know so I can link it into our mini post at the end of each month.

Quilting Babcia (Amity Quilter)

Frederique (Applique Patchwork Quilting)

Randy (Barrister’s Block)

Cathy (BigLake Quilter)

Cyndi (Busy Thimble)

Grace (City Mouse Quilter)

Barb (Funwith Barb)

Gladi (Gladi’s Quilts)

Shasta (High Road Quilter)

Julie (JulieK Quilts)

Kathy (Kathy’sQuilts)

Katy (KatyQuilts)

Sandy (MyMaterial Creations)

Angie (Quilting on the Crescent)

Barbara (Quilts,Gravestones and Elusive Ancestors)

Janet (RogueQuilts)

Kyle (TimelessReflections)

Cynthia (Wabi-SabiQuilts)



  1. Sweet mini with an important and timely message!

  2. Excellent way to make use of your full page of a fabric printer sheet. A timely message and a perfect February mini!
    I have never been a "usual suspect" before. I think it is kind of fun being rounded up--at least for a quilt challenge. :)

  3. Super sweet mini, Wendy! I just finished a mini for my TABLE SCRAPS Challenge on Friday. Love, love, LOVE making small quilts!!

  4. What a perfect little mini this month, Wendy! I love how you pieces the heart, and your checkerboard border. And the bee, of course! You are so right about the bees. I recommend buying/eating organic, and avoid California almonds.

  5. I did not know that about dandelions and bees. Sweet mini and very timely. Thanks again for gathering us to show our minis!

  6. Great job! I’ll be sure to bee kind! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. A lovely and sweet mini quilt! I made one too, Trefoil. I would be honored to be part of your list.

  8. Great message and a beautiful mini Wendy !!

  9. Such a sweet mini with a very important message! It's perfect for the arrival of spring :) So looking forward to it!

  10. What a love quilt .... yes bee kind! We desperately need more kindness in this world. Namaste

  11. Boy, way to plan ahead with that printer sheet. This turned out so nice.

  12. What a delightful mini for February. It's a great design. We've raised bees for 5 years now. Those little busy workers are very sensitive to the chemicals people use so freely.

  13. Your mini is adorable and has a great message! I have a lot of bee balm in my flower border that just crawls with bees. My hubby is afraid of going near it but I find the bees are very friendly and don't bother me when I do my weeding.

  14. Oh one of my favorite subjects; Bee-well-fare! I was just looking at buying a t-shirt this morning with a similar bee-kind graphic! But maybe I should translate that into a quilt project instead?! Thank you for organising these monthly minis, I enjoy all the posts so much! take care! cw

  15. Lovely February Message! Perfect Valentine.
    Thank you for hosting us all!!

  16. A beautiful reminder! Thanks for the mini party and I can't wait to hop around and see what folks are making!