Tuesday, March 9, 2021

When the Sun Comes Out...


On Saturday my local “Kaleidoscope” group met on the sidewalk by the town gazebo. We all brought the community quilts we had been working on over the past few months. We filled many bins with quilts and pillowcases for many of our local charities. Of course. I did not take any photos. I know, I keep saying I will get better but…

 So, I pulled these wonderful photos off the group e-mail that our Co President Ann sent out. Thanks Ann!

 These are all form my “Seven Sistahs” group (unfortunately 2 of us were missing). Christina (Tina to me), made this sweet one in just my colors!

Not to be outdone, Charlotte used every color of the rainbow for this gem. 

Kathy made several for one charity or another.

This was my favorite of Kathy's.

And Karen went over the top with her version of Covid 19. Just when you thought there was nothing to smile about in 2020, she came up with this. Love it. 

 You can see what the temperature was by our attire. This is me handing over fabric for more pillow cases.

Needless to say, we didn’t hang out long. The 5 of us headed over to Panera for lunch. Even though we kept our distance, it was strange to be in a restaurant again. I felt like I had landed here from another planet.

 We got our first vaccine today and I am in hopes that things will be better by Fall. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can for the safety of the world by staying in my sewing room!!


  1. I want the COVID quilt. That's fabulous.

  2. What a wonderful group and a wonderful mission! I'm sure you enjoyed your gathering, even tho limited, but better times are coming! Glad to hear you got your first vaccination!

  3. Love this show and tell, the the cold sunshine, and what a wonderful cause. Panera lunch sounds so good to me, lol. I'm so glad you got your first vaccine! Progress!

  4. Congratulations on your first vaccination- second tier opened here so maybe by next month!
    Gorgeous quilts.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful show-and-tell !! All the quilts are beautiful !! Congratulations ladies !

  6. The Covid 19 quilt is wonderful and certainly something to smile about. Is there a pattern or did she make her own pattern?

  7. looks good from what i can see....i was at panera too but just as i was pulling my sandwich from the bag, it slid across my eye and got a corneal tear so off to the eye guy....lunchus interruptus!

  8. In spite of the cold and Covid, I imagine you all had a wonderful time seeing each other and each other's quilts! Beautiful collection of gifts for others!

  9. What a wonderful show and tell. I bet the people driving by enjoyed the show as well. It does feel strange venturing into once taken for granted normal situations. I'm glad you and your fellow quilters were able to be together. I've gotten my vaccines, but still pretty much playing at home.

  10. Awesome quilts!! Glad you and your friends were able to get together for a little Show and Tell. Congrats on getting your Covid shot, too!

  11. What a fun open-air quilt show!
    All of the quilts look great, but the COVID quilt is over the top!!
    So good of you to sacrifice by staying in your sewing room! LOL
    Congrats on getting your first shot. Mine is scheduled in a couple of weeks.

  12. thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts! wow
    are they all charity quilts? even the covid quilt?

  13. So many wonderful quilts. You all did a fantastic job in making someone smile :) Panera sounds good to me, too, but staying in your sewing room sounds even better!

  14. Thanks for bringing some quilted sunshine my way - fun quilt show!

  15. What fun to have a quilt meeting even if it had to be outdoors! Love the bright Covid quilt. so fun looking.:)

  16. What a great little show. It looks pretty chilly but no snow, so that's a plus, right?
    I think my favorite is the Covid quilt. So clever!
    What a great project to donate fabrics and quilts!!
    Glad you got your first shot! YEAH!!
    And staying in your sewing room? What a sacrifice!!
    See you in a couple of days!! Zoom zoom zoom!!

  17. That is so wonderful! Looks like a lot of quilts donated.
    We didn't wear a mask once in Wyoming. Felt very refreshing and normal! Can't wait till Oregon follows suit. (of course, there are more cows in WY than people!)

  18. Wow you girls made some great quotes....... Lucky you got to have a quick gathering.... Looks freezing