Monday, April 26, 2021

Another Filler Project???


If you read my blog regularly you know that I do a lot of hand work. I simply cannot sit and watch TV or listen to radio or even most conversations without a needle in my hand. I usually have 2 or 3 large projects going at one time, but when there is a “gap” between them or I am simply too tired to reach for something big, I pick up one of my “filler projects”.

 These poor things can sit languishing in boxes and tins for ages waiting their turn. I currently have 3 “grab and go” containers. The oldest (started in 2015) is this little potholder quilt with 4” 9-patches and appliqued circles. All the blocks and bindings are done so I am in the assembly process which may take another 6 years! 

 The second box holds the yo-yo’s for this fun little feedsack project. 
No hurry – yo’yo’s don’t expire. 

 Number 3 on the list are my little hexies. These are really long term on going things to pick up when I have no brain function at all. In fact, I keep a tin of them in my car for taking into doctor visits or other appointments or if I am waiting at a long traffic light (just kidding, we only have 2 in our town!). 

 So… with 3 already in the works, why would anyone start a 4th?? I had amassed quite a collection of Betsy Chutchian fabrics and charm squares and decided it was time to do something with them. There will eventually be 238 four inch blocks with an appliqued circle in the center. Since I am using no repeats, that means there will be at least 476 different fabrics, possibly more if I choose to make borders. 

I am cutting out the centers of the background fabric for - yup, yet a 5th filler project! 

I'd like to know what you do for "filler projects". Hand or machine, I know you have them!

Since it is Monday, I am linking up with Judy's Monday linky party. Do click on (Small Quilts and Doll Quilts) with a morning beverage and enjoy. 


  1. Love all these filler projects. I don't have any per se, but I always have a applique' project and little doll quilts that need hand quilting.
    Yours are much more fun!

  2. I have my May Day Basket embroidered blocks in a travel bag, ready to go with me in the car while hubby drives, and at home, it is near my chair for evening stitching. Also a second project is a redwork squares quilt that I’m working on embroidering the borders. Both are nearing the end and I have several others in mind to start when they are finished. Thanks for linking up, I always enjoy reading your blog. Hugs, Judy

  3. These filler projects are fabulous, Wendy! I'm not a huge fan of doing handwork. My filler project tends to be Crumb blocks or Tiny Nines by machine.

  4. My hexies are still sitting and waiting for me too. I met a person at the library who wanted to make a quilt using her children's clothing. I told her I recommended the potholder method for her to start. I haven't tried one for myself yet. My plan for my mini this month is to make a potholder quilt to see how it goes. I might use circles like yours. Beautiful!

  5. I mean the yo-yos are waiting for me. A new hexie project is in the works as a follow along with Debra Dixon.

  6. I always see something that I want to stitch when I visit you Wendy. I am not at all surprised you have quilts hanging in a show! What a treat it would be to see them. Meanwhile I am making a tumbler/baby's block quilt so cutting diamond shapes out of my cardboard stash and gluing little pieces of fabric to them and then hand stitching those together, EPP style is what I have for "on the go" just now.

    1. For my tumbling blocks I used part of a ream of card stock I accidentally got at the office supply store. I have not worked on that project for a couple of years though... I was trying to finish my Hexi quilt top cut from 4 1/2" fabric strips. Two hexi's from each of my 1800's-1920's fabrics is making a decent sized quilt! That is on pause as well, now due to having broken my wrist!

  7. Fun projects! 4 inch potholders - you have a lot of patience!! I’m slowly handpiecing a 3 inch lemoyne star quilt. It’s supposed to take one year with a star-a-day. More like 10 years for me - 😂

  8. Your first sentence describes me to a "T" also! I have only one small block 'filler' project though there are always larger time fillers like hand stitching down bindings, mini quilts, etc. Your sweet little filler projects are adorable, and who cares how long they take, as long as they make you happy when you're working on them!

  9. I do not like to sit and watch TV without something to sew. Lately I've been concentrating on hand quilting and genealogy. But, as of last week, I finished my genealogy project and my quilt on the frames so I'm kind of between projects. I need to get some applique prepped because I have two quilts that need borders. I love you potholder quilts but I hate binding corners. I think I would go crazy with all those corners. I had forgotten about the yo-yo quilt. It is so delightful! One of my favorite things to do is reverse applique circles. Maybe I need to plan a new project - ha!

  10. I love this post and the idea of "filler" projects! I really don't need any "fillers" because I have several large projects going, several of which have hand appliqué to do and I'm always hand quilting something. Nevertheless, I like this idea as a way to allow myself even more variety in my choices of what to work on and it's always tempting to start something new!

  11. I love this post and the idea of "filler" projects! I really don't need any "fillers" because I have several large projects going, several of which have hand appliqué to do and I'm always hand quilting something. Nevertheless, I like this idea as a way to allow myself even more variety in my choices of what to work on and it's always tempting to start something new!

  12. Several, tuna can hexies (cut circles the size of can of tuna, fold and stitch making a hexagon) which I make into flowers, EPP assorted shapes, 1000 pyramids quilt with triangles about 1.25", embroidery on wool pennies for Christmas ornaments, wool applique holiday ornaments (Christmas, Easter, Halloween) or wee quilts.

  13. I have a large quilt in a hoop next to my "TV" chair. If there isn't something I am working on at my machine, I try to put in some stitches during the evening news. I have the little hexie project, "Stars in the Garden" to grab when we take car trips. But I'll admit that I usually prefer machine work--or at least I think I do. When I force myself to settle in with handwork, I really do enjoy most of it.
    Your little projects just make me smile.

  14. I just love your filler projects and I love the idea of travel kits ready to go. I am currently "between" travel projects having finished my Hexie quilt.... must prep something!

  15. my filler project is another EPP. The first one took 10 years to finish.... diamonds.... this one is hexis. I was lucky enough to be a part of Betsy Chutchian's monthly group so I have many many of Betsy's fabrics. The sad part is so many of the quilt shops around here have "retired". Read that as closed. Will see what happens in another 10 months.....

  16. 😂😂😂 always great fun to start a new project. I always have hand piecing on the go......can’t tell you how many projects in the making!!

  17. I also like to have hand work on hand--I go a little crazy if I have to just sit and "watch" a TV show--lol! Your yoyo project is so fun--it's going to be a cheerful quilt. I just started making hexies yesterday for Di Ford's Route 66. I'm in the middle of working on an applique border from the same book, but seem to have lost interest in doing applique. I think the hexies will keep me busy in the evenings for a while.

  18. Can't wait to see all the Betsy Chutchian fabrics! I don't think I can say I have filler projects. There always seems to be a quilt that needs the binding hand-sewn, or appliqué blocks to stitch, or hand quilting. I'm not very successful at working on take-along projects, either. I just dragged my hand quilting project to Florida and back, and never touched it!

  19. I like the name "filter projets". Currently, I'd have to say that I don't have one at the moment. I've added some x-stitching that has filled that space. You made me laugh about the stop lights. I do have a friend who carries her knitting on her lap when she drives just for those long traffic lights.

  20. Nice to have a few projects to choose from! I usually have a wool applique ready to grab and go.

  21. Love seeing your 'filler' projects! I think mine are what I call my 'forever' projects. They're the ones I don't really want to work on most of the time, but will pull out when nothing else will do. Regardless, they definitely end up being some sort of applique as that's the easiest to do while filling up idle time!

  22. hmmm... should I have planned to bring hexies? Or more circles to applique?? You didn't warn me, Wendy!!!
    Love all your hand projects and CANNOT wait to be personally inspired... hint hint hint

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